So that the upholstery of your seats recovers its natural shine.

Among all the maintenance processes that a vehicle requires, the care we apply to the upholstery It is one of the most noticeable. When it comes to leather seats it is important to have a product that allows them to retain their shine, color and overall appearance. That is why this time we show you some of the best options available to restore and maintain the leather seats in excellent condition.

1. Concentrated cleaner for upholstery

This 8-ounce product works as a cleaner for all types of leather and synthetic skin, since it has a formula non-toxic and silicone free that also repels water and other liquids. Its patented formula is easily absorbed, this avoids the sticky feeling on the surface.

This leather conditioner can also be used for cleaning and care of any item that is made of this material such as wallets, jackets, shoes and other products.

2. Conditioner for leather

It is a durable conditioner that is available in a presentation with 236 ml, which contains a thick liquid that cleans, maintains color, polishes and protects the surface of products made with natural or synthetic leather.

This formula is ideal for you to take care of your car upholstery and keep it shiny and residue free. Its formula is designed to repel water, snow, rain and other liquids.

3. Complete equipment for cleaning leather

It is a conditioner kit for cleaning and care of leather products that is available in 2 bottles of 8 ounce. The kit includes 2 premium quality sponges that help distribute the liquid better throughout the horn piece.

This product is ideal for restore and clean Easily upholstery your car without the need to apply toxic or harmful substances to yourself or any other member of your family.

4. Balm leather repairman

Leather Milk Repair Balm is a non-toxic product made in the United States to restore the cracked leather or deteriorated by use. Contains various high quality ingredients like cosmetic adhesives, oils and waxes. The set comes with an absorption sponge.

It is ideal for recovering leather aged by wear. This leather conditioner gives a elegant touch and different from the first application. This formula penetrates the leather of car upholstery, wallets, shoes and other accessories.

5. Kit for maintenance Leather

It is a cleaner and conditioner kit for the care of upholstery, wallets, shoes and other accessories made with natural leather or synthetic leather. Its formula is totally colorless and odorless, in addition to leaving on the surface where a protective layer that provides shine and durability.

This product will provide greater firmness and resistance, as well as a more intense color and a softness that gives new life to any article or upholstery made with leather.