The vintage style It will never go out of style, because when we talk about clothing and accessories, the good always comes back. So why stop wearing those clothes that we love? Sure, we’ll always put some of the new style on it, but highlighting the classic of each time that we evoke. And if you are looking vintage accessoriesthen these leather messenger bags You will love them, since they are an excellent option to give your look that timeless and striking appearance that never ceases to captivate us.

1. Executive bag pimple skin

A cute bandolier style handbag that has been created with premium full grain genuine leather, making it more durable. It is made up of a special pocket external plus a large internal pocket to store your personal items. It comes with a long strap that adjusts to carry on the shoulder.

With a beautiful brown color, which evokes the autumn season, this bag will undoubtedly serve you to carry all your personal items everywhere because it is wide dimensions, even though it is bandit style and classic with strong and pronounced seams.

2. Elegant and lightweight bag genuine fur

Made with genuine leather, this bag has been handcrafted by artisans that has a very elegant and vintage style, with a light weight to make it easy to carry. It has a resistant canvas as a lining with an interior padded compartment with two pocket sections each with closures.

You can carry it as a handbag or as a messenger style, which will always be suitable for autumn since it has a strap which you can adjust to the desired height and thus go on your daily journey feeling great and carrying all your things in a luxury accessory.

3. Mini shoulder bag for woman

Crafted from pure leather, this bag has been lined with very good quality olive tone canvas that can even last for decades. Have a hidden closure under the buckle main easily accessible. Its appearance is rustic and vintage making it look classic and very refined.

With this messenger style bag you have at hand a very nice accessory that also adapts to any styleAnd it can even be a great gift for someone special.

4. Bag colombian leather

This is a beautiful messenger bag where you can take from a laptop to all the documents you need for your work day. It has a sturdy leather handle to carry it by the hand or adjusted to your height. Their pockets are shared with the characteristics of an organizer.

Its style is totally vintage so it will be ideal for you, in addition to having fine finishes for being of high quality Colombian grain leather with a lined interior. Its strap is removable so you will choose what style to wear in the fall season.

5. Bag simple style leather

Made with premium leather, this messenger-style shoulder bag has a top handle that reaches halfway down the front, with a single closure which gives it a nice appearance as well as elegant. It is a beautiful brown color that evokes autumn.

With this bag you can transport all your personal items And if you work with it, it will be super easy to take your items anywhere.