The spring scarves They are a very practical and versatile accessory, we can already use them on the neck for shelter, on the hair as a complement to our hairstyle, or even on our waist as a striking belt. The scarves They can be worn in many ways and they will always look fabulous in our outfit. That is why here we show you 5 floral options for you to include in your outfits spring:

1. Square scarf in light tones

This scarf is made in 100% viscose High-quality bamboo, with a frayed edge finish. It has wide range measurements so you can wear it in different ways and it is also available in different models.

This scarf has a cool tone design And you can use it in many ways, such as on the neck, like a shawl, beach sarong, headscarf, coat skirt, etc. Ideal for the whole year and for casual occasions.

2. Vince Camuto: wildflower print scarf

Vince Camuto has a scarf made in 100% polyester, hand washable and made of fresh, resistant and top quality materials. Available in other colors.

Scarf colorful design Thanks to its wildflower print it will be perfect for every occasion, whether it is to go to work, for a walk, lunch or dinner.

3. Invisible world: hand painted scarf

The Invisible World scarf is made in silk and it has been hand painted by second generation painters with French tints. The edge is rolled and sewn by hand. Available in other colors.

The translucent design and delicate scarf does not detract durability or resistance. It comes with an attractive card that explains the history of silk and what the scarf manufacturing process is. You can use it throughout the year.

4. Cuddly: European design scarf

This scarf is made in 100% viscose, a soft and light material with multiple designs available. It is rectangular in shape and was designed by Spanish textile experts.

The scarf will be comfortable for you, warm, modern and versatile, since they give you a simple and casual style. Ideal for day and night.

5. Gerinly: scarf with lace appliqué

The Gerinly scarf is made of voile fabric Light and soft cotton. It measures 180cm x 85cm and is available in other colors.

You can use it throughout the year in all climates and multiple ways: As a beach coat, summer shawl, beachwear, head scarf, kerchief, wrap skirt, etc.