A decorative and powerful plant that will fill you with good energy.

Nothing better than enjoying a pleasant atmosphere in your place of job, especially when you go through difficult times. Therefore, having a small lucky bamboo It is one of the ways to ease moods, make your work space a comfort zone and make the good energies and attract the fortune. Take a look at these options and choose your favorite:

1. NW Wholesaler: Bouquet with twisted bamboo


Arrangement of bamboo canes, which consists of 1 5.9-inch spiral, 2 5.9 ″ stems and 2 3.9 ″ stems joined with a practical and attractive gold wire. This detail is packaged with great care, especially by the water gel that has been applied to the roots, in order to keep bamboo moist and healthy at all times.

East bamboo design It is made not only to decorate a small space or corner in your workplace, but also in order to attract good luck.

2. NW Wholesaler: Three-star bamboo set


Threesome arrangements with bamboo for good luck, each one distributed as a gift or simply to decorate a corner of your office. Each design consists of 1 bouquet of 5.9 ″ tied with gold wire.

This option is ideal for decorate your office or that of a close friend, since it is not only pleasing to the eye, it is also made with bamboo sticks for luck.

3. JM BAMBOO: Bamboo sticks for planting


Natural pieces of bamboo that offer a tropical appearance to any space, be it for work or at home. They are presented as a foliage of plants that can be given away as arrangements for good luck.

Recommended choice of natural bamboo To keep in mind at the office, if you want to add a dose of good luck in a work environment full of stress and movement.

4. Betterdecor: 10 all-natural bamboo canes


This presentation consists of 10 stems tall bamboo, thin and completely natural. The bamboo poles are imported from Taiwan and in total there are 10 of 24 inches. Easy to wash and of optimum quality.

You will not only have to settle for a small natural stem of bambooYou can distribute 10 of them in your work environment.

5. NW Wholesaler: Spiral bamboo stems for good luck


Arrangement of 10 bamboo sticks, which is 100% natural and of optimum quality. Easy to clean, also packaged with extreme care not to damage the roots and green leaves.

You will be able to locate these small plants in any corner of your workplace, especially where you want to bring good fortune into your life.