The maneki neko o cats of the good luck They are a tradition that comes from the Asian continent and fulfills the function of calling good fortune. They have become so popular that they have crossed borders, which is why it is now more common to find these cats worldwide. If you like cats and attract good vibes then enjoy this list of 5 cats that will attract fortune to your life.

1. Japanese cat with two bells

Destined to bring good luck and fortune to the life of the person who owns it, this ornament has a cute sky blue design with Japanese expressions and raised hands holding two wind chimes and another as a necklace. It has an expression of joy and is made with white ceramic high quality.

This can be a nice gift to attract good energy to those special people in your life. The positive vibes They will reign in those places where this charming Japanese cat arrives.

2. Maneki Neko in black color

This kitten has been designed with very good quality ceramics and represent a talisman for those who use it to decorate their spaces. It is a very nice specimen that has been painted in black precisely because of its power to drive away those very negative energies that exist in the environment.

Is a nice piece to have at home or in the office, beautifying spaces and attracting good luck and positive energy for you and for the people who visit you.

3. Amulet made of porcelain

This lucky cat has been manufactured in Japan and it is made entirely by hand with high quality porcelain in white with gold, black and red details. It is painted freehand to bring good luck and energy to wherever you are.

If you are looking for the ideal gift to take to that special person, a good luck cat is a good gift since it is a nice detail of that culture that will benefit your friend or close family member.

4. With japanese kimono For good luck

This amulet has been designed with high quality fine porcelain that features ornaments made and painted by hand one by A very ornament delicate and detailed that invokes the good energies and vibes, in addition that his face is a detail that infects with joy.

It is a very original gift, because few lucky cats are dressed in a Japanese Kimono, which is also made of very good quality. So if you like these cute details or want to give someone away, this particular one is a great option.

5. Double set from lucky cats

This set of two Maneki neko They are made of porcelain as an authentic product that comes directly from Japan. Both come with their little hands raised evoking good luck and the best energies for all spaces.

You can locate them in any space in the house or in your office. Everywhere they will look beautiful because they are a delicate detail with a lot of influence from the Japanese culture.