The amulets They represent an element that many people in the world carry with them to create a field of protection around them. They can be of different shapes and figures, to which certain special attributes are granted. According to each culture they can prevent illnesses, bad luck in love, work and friends. If you are looking for your amulet to attract good luck You may be interested in one of these key chains.

1. Clover four-leaf

If you are a lover of designs that evoke nature you will surely like this amulet. It has been designed in the shape of a 4-leaf clover with a zinc alloy and has a ring that is attached to the amulet by a silver-tone chain.

This clover amulet attracts good fortune, love, wealth, prosperity and luck. It can be a nice touch if you are looking for what to give to someone special.

2. Hand pendant Hamsa

This keychain has been created with a beautiful design that is made up of a golden ring with a lock, chain and a Hamsa hand. Has an eye in the center blue tone with gold beads on the edge.

The symbol of Hamsa represented by a hand, is widely used in the Middle East and North Africa as a symbol of protection that is used for the defense of the person against any curse or accident.

3. Gold color accessory with elephant

A beautiful keychain with a elephant which hangs from a gold colored hoop from which beautiful beads with Turkish eyes come off. The amulet is silver plated with deep blue gemstones.

The protection of the evil eye or Turkish eye will bring you, according to belief, the blessing of being healthy and surrounded by the best vibes since it drives away bad energies giving strength and power to everything good.

4. Silver chain with crystal black tourmaline

A cute keychain made of black tourmaline which hangs on a silver chain from which a cute silver key chain with padlock is detached for the safety of the amulet that you will take with you everywhere.

By possessing black tourmaline, it will take with you its powerful protective qualities coming directly from the earth, which will keep you connected to it. Take it with you to always have on hand your house keys, the car or simply as an accessory that always with you.

5. Amulet of tree of Life

This amulet was created with 2 elements that promote good energy and the protection of whoever wears it through the lucky eye and the tree of life hanging on a silver plated keychain.

If this is the one you want to always have by your side to your protection And yours, then you look for the ideal place where you want to have it in sight, such as in the rear-view mirror of the car or in some special place in your home or office.