To meditate It is an activity that people usually do to examine every action they took in their lives, in order to make better decisions. This process requires a lot of concentration and a safe, stable and calm place to achieve that maximum connection with the inner self. If you want to practice meditation or are looking to decorate a room to clear your mind, then start by reviewing these 5 mandala tapestries.

1. Cotton mat with extra large design

This mandala has been made with cotton fabric and was made by hand by the most qualified artists and craftsmen of the India. Its size allows it to easily adapt to walls between 84 by 94 centimeters.

This beautiful specimen can be used as a wall decoration, bedding, picnic towel, yoga mat or as a ceiling divider. It is ideal to place it where you want to create a space dedicated to meditation and inner peace.

2. Unicolor mandala with indian design

This beautiful tapestry has been created with cotton and comes in a wide variety of colors for you to choose the one you like the most and suits your decoration. It has been handcrafted by Indian artists and has ample measurements so it can be hung in any space.

This piece can have various uses, as a sofa cover, bedroom clothes, yoga mat, tablecloth or for other decoration of your house. The purpose of this mandala is to stimulate meditation in the room where you place it.

3. Wall tapestry with multi-color design

This mandala has been made from an organic material by people with years of experience in making meditation mats. It is a piece of 100% cotton It can be adjusted to high walls and comes in blue and green colors with a peacock-inspired design.

If you are going to meditate with this mandala, you will have the environment conditioned for it. You can also take it to decorate the wall, use it as bedding, as a quilt for the beach or for a picnic. Its softness it makes it pleasant to the touch, if you plan to use it on your sofa.

4. Floral medallion for large rooms

This mat has been completely made of light cotton and has a size wide which allows it to adapt to any wall with large dimensions. It comes in various colors and has been created by the best artists in India.

If you are looking to set up a space for meditation, with this mandala you will already have 50 percent in advance to begin that process. You may hang it on the wall, use it as a tablecloth, for the bedroom or as a window curtain.

5. Piece for the wall with monochrome mandala

This beautiful tapestry has been made entirely of hypoallergenic cotton, has the exact measurements to fit large walls and has a striking design in gray and black colors. Is a artwork unique and quality.

Without a doubt, it will be a nice decoration element that you can use in various spaces in your home or any other place where you want to take it. Very useful for picnic days, beach or any other type of outdoor outings.