An indispensable step in your eye makeup routine.

The eyes they are the windows of our soul and a beautiful look is capable of captivating any A secret to making our eyes look bigger is by applying mascara for eyelashesIn this way you can further highlight the beauty of your gaze. For this, we must choose the appropriate mask that makes the lashes look long and abundant, but without getting stuck. Here are some options for you.

1. Lash Next Door: Mask and Volume

This mask is made from two formulas, one that lengthens and the other that gives volume. It is free of TEA, DEA, parabens and sulfates making it a safe choice for your eyes.

You can put on the layers you want during the day to highlight the look and with the assurance that no lumps will form on your lashes, you can also easily clean the mask.

2. L’Oreal: Lash Paradise Mask


This mask for lengthen and give volume It offers you an eyelash fringe that is smooth, flake-free, smudge-free and lump-free. Only voluptuous volume and intense length for your gaze.

Get the long and full lashes that you love with this fabulous mask. It is the ideal complement to create your makeup perfect, since it gives you volume and a great focus of attention on your face.

3. Simply Naked Beauty: Mask 3D Fiber Tabs


It is waterproof, smudge-proof and lump-free. It is manufactured in a way natural, organic and hypoallergenic 100% cruelty free. In less than 5 minutes you have the dream lashes.

Creates length and volume like no other mask. Use small thickening microfibers and a magnifying gel to give your lashes up to 300 times their normal volume and length.

4. AsaVea: Waterproof Mask


It is deeply pigmented and instantly creates beautiful lashes dramatic and bold with a single application that highlights the beauty of your eyes and complements the appearance of your makeup.

Its formula of waterproof mascara and Long durationIt ensures that your lashes stay incredibly long, thick and voluminous throughout the day, through rain, tears and sweat.

5. Maybelline: Lash Sensational Mask


The exclusive brush for mascara with ten layers of bristles, reveals layers of lashes for a sensational effect. Add length and volume to your lashes without grouping.

This mask is the ideal complement For your makeup, whether you have a sophisticated look or you are simply looking for a natural appearance, the eyelashes and your look will be the protagonists.