During the pregnancy, Weight gain is an unavoidable factor, and the belly and hip area are where it is most evident. The truth is that along with those extra kilos, pain also begins to appear in both the back and the hips, which makes us feel very uncomfortable and have difficulty moving. One way to avoid these pains is to use girdles maternity like the ones we show you below, which give you extra support and do not affect or make your baby uncomfortable.

1. Figure Shaper Withouth stitches


It is a practical and comfortable figure shaping accessory without seams and with a breathable mesh. It is specially designed to provide a soft support and comfortable fit.

It is discreet enough for you to use under your favorite dress or any garment. Its shape gives you a comfortable support for the belly and thus relieves the discomfort in your back and hips.

2. Clinical girdle breathable


It is a wonderful way to feel and look better throughout your pregnancy and postpartum recovery. A clinical girdle with a special support that helps relieve pain in the part upper and lower of the back.

This garment is a versatile option that allows you to feel comfortable and relaxed at the same time. In addition to giving an adjustment to your figure, it allows you prevent pain on the back and hips caused by the extra weight.

3. Maternity girdle with stretch fabric


Made with a highly elastic and pleasant to the touch fabric that absorbs moisture and is fully breathable. It is designed seamlessly and provides extra gentle support in the lower back.

This girdle gives you a flattering silhouette while it supports your belly and provides additional support to your back. It is a garment that you can wear daily to feel more comfortable.

4. Shorts high waist


A containment belt that has been designed with high waist to provide greater support to the belly, hips and back. The inside of the legs is completely seam-free to make it more comfortable to wear.

You can use it not only with dresses, but with any of your maternity clothes. By holding your belly, it allows a better weight distribution so as not to feel any kind of pain in the back or hips.

5. Dress orthopedic for pregnant women


It is a light and resistant piece that helps you improve your posture during pregnancy. Provides a smooth lifting that supports the belly while the baby is developing.

The waist can be expanded to create an adjustment that adapts to the constant changes caused by pregnancy. A versatile option that in addition to shaping your figure, you provide support additional in the pelvic area to avoid back and hip ailments.