If you have as a goal lose weight but you have a very busy life that does not allow you to achieve a nutritious and healthy diet, you can include in your diet high protein shakes, fiber and vitaminsThey are low in calories and help speed up your metabolism and keep you feeling full for longer hours. With the options that we show you below you can substitute some meals of the day, feel satisfied and thus be able to lose weight much faster.

1. Garden of life: Organic Chocolate Flavored Smoothie

This is a powder product made with raw organic ingredients, vegetable protein and an amazing chocolate flavor. Comes in a presentation of 2 pounds per container.

Taking it will help you control anxiety and give you energy necessary to perform throughout the day. It is perfect for when you don’t have much time to cook and you need to have a nutritious and delicious food.

2. Protein shake with probiotics

This is a supplement for men and women Made with grass-fed animal protein, natural amino acids, 12 fruits, vegetables, and a billion probiotics.

Ideal to take after training or a tiring day, will replenish your strength in a matter of minutes.

3. Protein shake vegan and gluten free

This is a delicious nutritious chocolate flavored smoothie that has 220 calories and it is sugar free. Its formula is made from organic protein, fiber, vegetables, cabbages and vitamins.

If you want to have a complete and healthy diet, but many times you do not have time to cook, this is a perfect product for you. It’s very easy to do And when you take it, you will provide your body with the necessary supplements to keep it active throughout the day.

4. NAKED Meal: Food substitute

It is an organic product free of hormones, soy, gluten and calories. By including it in your daily diet it will contribute to lose weight and improve health.

It is very easy to prepare, just by adding a little water and whipping you will be tasting a delicious nutritious shake that will keep you full for long hours.

5. Smoothie to stimulate muscle growth

It is a rich smoothie that contains 290 calories, 35 g of protein and more than 6000 mg of glutamine and glutamic acid. Its formula has been created to provide nutrients to your body so you can substitute a meal. It has 16 servings per container.

It will help you during your training and will stimulate muscle growth. You can add it to your favorite drink and thus avoid anxiety attacks and lose weight much faster.