A natural and effective way to combat constipation.

Do you have a hard time going to the bathroom? Do you suffer from pain when defecating, heaviness and gas? If so, then you may suffer from constipation. But do not be alarmed because it is one of the most common digestive problems and that children, young people, adults and the elderly can suffer from.

The constipation It is a disease that completely affects the digestive system. It occurs when a person has less than three bowel movements in one week. The stool that is expelled is usually very hard and dry, making it necessary to exert a great effort to expel it.

It is accompanied by annoying symptoms such as difficulty going to the bathroom, presence of gases, constant cramps in the abdomen, bloating, nausea, loss of appetite, nausea, etc. Sometimes it can be very painful and uncomfortable causing other symptoms that can be serious and interfere with the ability to perform daily tasks and fulfill obligations such as going to work, school or university.

There are different causes that initiate this problem. Although it usually occurs when stool in the colon is stored for a long time, causing a blockage in the large intestine or rectum, it becomes difficult to expel the stool. It can influence the fact that we do not have a balanced diet and the adequate intake of water can cause the stool to harden.

He too constipation It can occur when stool moves very slowly in the intestinal tract. Although there are many causes that cause constipation, most of them are due to some abnormality or that the organism presents as colon cancer, anal fissure, intestinal obstruction, rectal cancer, sedentary lifestyle, bad habits, rectum that protrudes through the wall posterior vaginal, diabetes, pregnancy, and even certain medications, such as high calcium antacids and pain relievers.

It is necessary to find the cause of this problem in order to provide treatment, so it is advisable to go to medical specialists to treat the root problem. If you experience constipation For more than three weeks in a row and you see blood in your stool, it is time to go to the doctor and when doing the checkup he will ask you all the information about your case.

He or she will do a physical exam that may include a rectal exam and blood tests and may recommend a nutritionist to provide you with a diet. If the problem worsens, you may need an anorectal manometry, x-ray, or colonoscopy to verify that your internal organs are OK.

Although you can also choose to self-treat. The main thing is to change all your habits and have a healthy diet where you eat more high fiber foods like fruits, vegetables and grains, drink plenty of water and have an exercise routine. Also control stress and respect the needs that your body demands, that is, do not ignore the urge to defecate.

Using laxatives is another treatment; however, they should not be taken for more than two weeks, because your body can become dependent and it is not recommended to have bowel movements every day. A good quick option is also to treat constipation naturally with laxative teas Your body will accept it comfortably and you will have no side effects. So it can be used by anyone including children and the elderly.

These medicinal teas that we will show you below will help you regulate the activity of your intestine and enjoy a healthier life.

1. Chinese tea for detoxify the body and provide energy

This is a tea designed to decrease swelling and detoxify the body. It will relieve symptoms caused by constipation such as cramps and abdominal pain. There are 20 tea bags that contain a formula based on rhubarb root, sicle-pod seeds, licorice root, dandelion and Fo-Tí.

Each of its ingredients stimulates activity of the large and small intestine. It also supports the activity of the liver to extract the necessary nutrients and eliminate toxins from the digestive tract that have accumulated in excess.

This wonderful Asian tea also contributes to the energy balance, since by its high dose of detoxification it will help all the organism works 100%. After ingesting this tea you will present positive changes in both your physical and mental life.

2. Herbal capsules for cleanse the colon

They are 50 herbal capsules that provide complete support to the digestive system. It has been formulated to completely cleanse the colon and avoid stool accumulation in the large intestine. They are small and easy to swallow, so you can consume them daily while you have symptoms of constipation.

With just a single capsule you will enjoy a immediate relief. You will not have to have your routine for any pain or inflammation. They also provide support to control stomach aches and menstrual cramps.

3. Organic tea caffeine free

They are 16 small tea bags that contain organic herbs without caffeine. It is a supplement that will provide support in every need that the organism presents. Have a nice taste, perfect for you to take it without worries.

It has also been formulated to bring the necessary nutrients from food to the entire digestive system and prevent the accumulation of feces in the intestines, therefore you will not suffer from diseases digestive and intestinal.

4. Laxative tea that stimulates movement intestinal

It is a natural supplement and a powerful laxative that has been formulated with organic ingredients that alleviate constipation. natural and fast. Contains licorice, bitter fennel, sweet orange peel, cinnamon, ginger oil, and orange peel.

It will stimulate the movement of the intestinal tract to expel the feces that are lodged in the large intestine without the need for much effort. It will help you enjoy a much healthier life and without worries.

5. Relieves inflammation and enjoy calmer nights

It is a 100% organic product that has been formulated with ingredients that regulate activities of the digestive system. It has been created to be ingested before sleeping and to provide an optimal rest free of pain and colic.

May be ingested by the whole family, including the smallest of the house. As a product based on plant ingredients, it will provide you with a treatment to effectively cure constipation.