Create your own meditation hall and relax on these cushions.

Meditating is a thousand-year-old practice known in all parts of the world that helps you reflect, free your mind and relax all accumulated tension in the body. In this sense, one of the most recommended ways to start in the meditation It is having a quiet and conditioned space for your sessions, such as music, lighting and special furniture. That is why this time we recommend the best options for meditation cushions with which you can decorate your home and have your own zen space at home.

1. Brentwood Home: meditation cushion

Meditation cushion in a modern round design with removable outer cover for easy washing. It has an internal lining of cotton GOTS certified organic, which supports the buckwheat pillow filling. Likewise, it has a robust carrying handle.

This cushion stands out for its soft texture, comfort and support. Its dimensions are 18 ″ x 13 ″ x 6 ″ and its weight is 4 pounds.

2. Peace Yoga: padded circular pillow

Pillow to meditate or practice yoga. Presents a sheath Cotton with full zip that is removable and machine washable. In turn, it has handles for easy transport.

The core of the pillow contains helmets of wheat buckwheat, which allows a better balance of firmness and flexibility. You will feel comfortable, safe and right in each of your positions to meditate or practice your yoga exercises.

3. North Corner Yoga: compact meditation cushion

Compact and comfortable model for meditation cushion. Features a design ergonomic in navy blue and dotted with rounded sides. Likewise, it has cotton tarps and machine washable buckwheat hulls, which are ecological and durable.

The zippers On the outer cover and inner cushion bag make the padding easily accessible, plus 100% adjustable for your comfort.

4. Waterglider International: cotton pillow for meditation

Ergonomic meditating pillow design. Made with cotton organic and removable buckwheat filling for washing. Its dimensions are 14 ″ in diameter by 6 ″ high.

Ideal for meditating, performing prayers and reciting mantras. This pillow has a shape round traditional, which in turn allows better support on the ground. Practical and functional.

5. Third Eye Export: oversized circular pillow

Pillow model circular large to lay on the floor and practice meditation or yoga. Made of organic cotton, it also features tassels with pompoms in its design.

This cushion or pillow is the perfect complement to perform your daily prayers or mantras from the comfort of your own living room or garden at home. Its cover cotton offers greater sitting pleasure, due to the softness of its fabric.