Classic accessories at a really affordable price.

If something pleases man is to wear a style that stands out for its elegance and the quality of the accessories they use. Leather is a material that is very common in many accessories with belts, shoes, pants and especially clocks. So if you like classic looking watches with leather strapPay attention to the following exclusive designs for less than $ 100 that we show you here:

1. Classic appearance with design unisex

It is a watch with a refined and sophisticated design that is equipped with a heavy duty strap nylon with a clasp closure made of stainless steel. It is equipped with a mineral glass lens, a waterproof body and night light.

This accessory is an ideal piece to highlight your style modern and casual It adapts to the style of both men and women, all thanks to its unisex appearance.

2. Black dial with strap Brown

A Fossil watch with a black dial reinforced with mineral glass that features a quartz movement finished in stainless steel. Its strap features a classic brown design reinforced with fine stitching.

It is a thin strap watch made with the highest quality standards and manufacturing. A classic-looking accessory with which you can highlight your good taste when dressing well.

3. Accessory with quartz

It’s a watch with a sturdy buckle closure and an analog quartz movement. It also has a night light It combines very well with its advanced system that combines precision and flexibility.

An accessory that reflects class and styleFurthermore, its patented design is completely waterproof. Its strap is made with 100% natural leather which does not generate any type of allergic skin reaction.

4. Design minimalist for men

It is a men’s watch with a minimalist design made of stainless steel and a clasp of adjustable buckle. Its dial and markers are made of the purest rose gold that simply highlights a classic and refined style.

A modern and distinguished accessory that is ideal to use together with any type of casual or informal outfit. Your screen is covered by a mineral crystal which protects its mechanism from bumps and scratches.

5. Classic watch stainless steel

It is a stainless steel watch with a folding clasp that is equipped with a release button. Its main feature is its striking resistant dial with a back gleaming blue. It has an analog display with quartz movements.

Get out of the routine with this accessories high quality which is made with refined finishes. An imported and waterproof piece that perfectly fits your personality.