To keep your house, apartment or car in excellent condition, it is recommended that you carry out routines of cleaning constant. A good tool to do this is microfiber brushes, which help you remove dust easily from any surface and keeps your spaces clean at all times. Take a look at these options and choose the best one for you:

1. OXO: Microfiber hand duster


Duster for cleaning, made of microfiber high quality. It has a good grip to avoid tripping during all types of cleaning.

If you are looking for a good duster quality, that allows you to remove dust on any surface of your home, this model is ideal for it.

2. AutoSpa: Long-handled microfiber mapo


Cleaning brush made of microfiber. Features a 48-inch extendable handle. Likewise, the glove that it has is extra absorbent, reusable and washable.

Comfortable and practical brush microfiber to remove dirt on any type of surface. Ideal to use inside your car.

3. Hiware: Cleaning brush for blinds


Specialized cleaning brush for windows of all kinds. Made with high quality microfiber material as well as polyethylene strong and durable.

If you are looking for a feather duster resistant and long-lasting, which in turn removes the dust that may accumulate on your blinds with great ease, this model is ideal for you.

4. Meirun: 360º rotating microfiber mapo


Mop 360º wet to remove dust, made with high quality microfiber and chenille material. Likewise, it has a stainless steel metal tube.

This mop stands out in the market as a purchase option due to its good design, reuse, easy to wash, economical and practical.

5. MoKo: Multipurpose microfiber brush


Cleaning brush design multipurpose, made of microfiber material. It has a practical and functional handle made of stainless steel.

This brush microfiber It will allow you to keep any surface or space in your house in optimal condition, since it removes dust with total ease and efficiency.