You will feel like a real spy with these microphones.

The microphones are devices with which we can record different types of sounds in high quality and in different environments, that is why they are ideal to keep a record of conversations or business meetings. But if what you want is to do the recordings without others noticing you need a mini spy microphone like the ones we show you below:

1. Mini Recorder voice


It has a voice activated sensor which starts recording when it detects sound, this way you avoid long hours of silent recordings. It is extremely easy to use, just press the on / off button.

You can record long conversations, it has the ability to work for up to 20 hours after being fully charged. Includes a built-in memory 8GB, enough for 90 hours of recordings.

2. External Microphone for Telephone


One audio cable with two lapel microphones provides an effective way for two people to use it simultaneously. Its cable works as an element for noise cancellation.

It is compatible with your iPhone, phones Android and iPad. Its configuration simply requires connecting the audio cable directly to the audio port. It guarantees you an excellent recording quality.

3. Stereo Microphone Sony


The design of this microphone is clip-style for comfortable recording with your free hands. It rotates for flexible placement and is perfect for recording via DVR or PC.

You simply have to place them on the lapel or somewhere in your clothing part have a sharp recording and clearly. Its discreet size makes it practically invisible.

4. Voice recorder Pendrive-shaped


Capture everything you need in one clear audio and of high quality. It’s thin and light enough to take with you pretty much anywhere, and records up to 20 hours.

Is very Easy to useYou simply slide the switch down and the voice recorder starts recording instantly. Its responsive microphone is capable of capturing sounds up to a radius of 15 feet.

5. Condenser microphone Aufgeld


It allows you to record a clean and clear sound to obtain professional results. You must use a headphone jack adapter for its operation, specifically 3.5 mm.

It is designed and is compatible with most smart phones and devices. Includes a 4-pin to 3-pin adapter, it is a high-quality device to record everything you need.