An appliance that should never be missing in your kitchen.

The microwave oven They are a great ally of our kitchen since they allow us to have at hand a tool that helps heat food and defrosts food that has been stored inside the freezer. If your kitchen is from reduced size and you are thinking of acquiring one, check out these five options that fit any type of home.

1. Small microwave compatible Alexa

A brand new microwave that comes in the traditional black color and allows you to defrost vegetables, make popcorn, cook food, or heat them up. It is equipped with a device that has presets voice that are compatible with Alexa.

This microwave is compact in size, this saves you space at home. By having it in your kitchen you can enjoy functions such as timer which is very useful for cooking food.

2. Oven on and off automatic

It comes in black and white colors so you can choose the one that best matches your kitchen decor. Can be turned on or off automatically thanks to its smart system which allows you to work in silent mode. You can activate eco energy saving mode.

You can defrost foods such as vegetables, vegetables or heat your food easily. Even prepare some delicious popcorn, microwave pizza or other preparations.

3. Device insurance for children

This microwave comes with pre-programmed buttons that allow you to cook popcorn, defrost vegetables or protein, and even heat drinks like coffee or chocolate. It has a motor with 700 watts of power and more ten types of configurations.

It is a safe device for children, so they can use it without any risk, all thanks to its hermetically sealed door, it also has a interior light and a turntable that allows fast cooking of food.

4. Microwave stainless steel

A very elegant microwave that will look beautiful in your kitchen. It is a very wide device and has the capacity to cook in ten levels power. It is made of stainless steel, this will guarantee that it will last a long time.

It has an appeal Digital clock on its easy-to-read LED display that lights up with every cooking setting. If you want to maintain security in the kitchen, this microwave has a locking system to keep your children safe.

5. Device with buttons a just touch

It has an intelligent on and off option that makes this microwave one of the best tools you will have in your kitchen. It is of a white device with led screen It reflects the cooking time and functions like the digital clock.

This microwave is friendly to the environment, since it can automatically enter the energy saving mode and thus consume less electricity.