Nourish your skin and give it the health and softness it deserves.

The skin It needs a lot of care to be able to look radiant and healthy, that’s why it needs nutrients that strengthen your dermis and thus achieve smooth skin. Scientists advise that from 30 years of age, they should be applied special nutrients to combat aging and lack of elasticity. That is why this time we present 5 options for body soaps based milk that will leave your skin beautiful and deeply nourished.

1. The Soap Haven: Goat milk soap

Handmade and based on goat milk and honey free of parabens and sulfates. This presentation is a good option to nourish the skin.

The kit of 4 soaps, it will hydrate your skin and take care of it because it acts as an anti-inflammatory and antiseptic and is ideal for sensitive skin or babies.

Johnson & Johnson: Baby milk soap

This pack of 12 bars of soaps from the renowned Johnson & Johnson brand, weighing 100 grams, is enriched with natural milk proteins Y vitamins A and E to help nourish the skin.

Soap will give you a smooth and jovial skin and is especially recommended for use on babies.

3. Provence: Milk soap made in France

The presentation of these three natural white soaps made from milk and weighing 250 grams each, is enriched with shea butter it will provide deep hydration.

The bars will help exfoliate the skin of your body leaving it soft making you feel renewed, because you will remove all the dead cells from your dermis.

4. Bend Soap: Goat milk and oatmeal soap

This presentation made with fresh goat milk from the Bend Oregon brand, is also composed of coconut, olive, palm and oat oils that will give a lot of softness to your skin.

Bars of soap contain anti inflammatory, anti itch properties and antioxidants for greater care and cleaning that will leave your dermis nourished and in balance with your natural PH.

5. Southern Natural: Lavender soap

These bars of soap made with goat milkThey are created to treat skin with ailments due to their natural ingredients such as olive, coconut, palm and lavender oils.

It can be a gift that you give or give to that special person on any occasion, and whoever uses it will get smooth and renewed skin.