Having the right headphones is something that is really useful, since they allow us to communication simpler, immediate and direct even if we are busy. Many of us cannot afford to lose Contact with our loved ones, friends, partners or coworkers. Thinking about this, we present you some fabulous options of bluetooth headphones so that no matter what, you can comfortably receive your phone calls.

1. NENRENT S570: invisible earphone


Can connect to two different devices simultaneously, even 10 meters away. The earphone is designed to perfectly fit the shape of your ears. A 100% safe and totally stable model.

The bluetooth headset ergonomic smallest in the market. It adapts to either ear and has a button that allows you to receive calls with better clarity.

2. GoNovate G8: Magnetic mini headphone


A tiny earphone that you can put it in any ear when the opportunity arises; Comfortably receive calls without noise or distortion that make communication difficult. It is discreet, it only protrudes a little from the ear.

Its fit is comfortable and safe, it is so light that you will hardly notice that you bring it with you. Designed to adapt to the natural shape of the ear, it produces a clear and crisp sound both when receiving calls and when playing music.

3. FOCUSPOWER F10 for iPhone and Android


The earphone is compatible with all Bluetooth equipped devices. You can instantly connect it to your phone or tablet and enjoy crystal clear sound even 33 feet away; In addition, it has a premium quality battery.

It is small, comfortable And you can hide it easily, you can charge it freely without the fear that it will attract much attention. Its multipoint connection allows you to be connected to 2 phones at the same time.

4. Wireless Earbud raincoats


Its ergonomic design of a earphone only Makes it perfect for use while running, biking, or at the gym. The waterproof coating protects it from liquids such as sweat or water.

The built-in microphone makes your voice heard clearly during every call; This technology also allows you to enjoy your favorite music with a unique audio quality.

5. IPX 8 with HD sound


his lightweight design make it more comfortable to wear even for a long time, this ensures a more comfortable and healthy ear and sound experience for calls and sounds. It is completely submersible.

You control it with a single button which gives you convenient access to all functions. The device is equipped with high fidelity sound quality and allows you to be connected to up to two devices simultaneously.