A mini fridge It is a very useful device to have in any room or even in the exterior spaces of the house. These types of devices are perfect tools to maintain the drinks at the right temperature and can be enjoyed very cold when you want. Thinking about it, here we show you some options of mini coolers with excellent prices so you don’t miss out on yours.

1. Portable refrigerator with function thermoelectric

Count with one detachable shelf with just the right capacity to store up to 6 cans. It has 2 removable power cables, a wall outlet and a cigarette lighter slot. It is of thermoelectric technology and has an automatic locking latch.

You can use it at home or outside it since its design is compact, versatile and light weight. With this mini fridge you will have your drinks at the ideal temperature.

2. Mini refrigerator with capacity 4 liters

This mini refrigerator has a capacity of storage holds up to 6 cans and comes with a removable shelf for small items like yogurts. It has 2 plugs for standard connection and cigarette lighter. It is also equipped with the latest technology that provides security and stability.

It is perfect for your days of relaxation and distraction since it provides the ideal temperature for products that require keeping a low temperature for freshness and flavor.

3. Portable fridge with USB cable

It can hold between 6 to 12 cans and its power cable is port USB so you can enjoy it at home, work and other spaces. It has a heating switch for cooling and a portable power bank.

The size and practical design will allow you to carry it when you go on a trip, on a picnic or in your spare time. It is very versatile when it comes to storing your favorite drinks and be able to enjoy them whenever you want.

4. System dual cooling with removable tray

It has a very compact size and is equipped with a removable shelf where you can store fruits, milk, bottles, cheeses, soups and other small products. It is equipped with plugs adapted to standard size electrical outlets and in addition to a dual cooling.

You can take it to your trips, office, rooms and outings to the field. You will feel the security to take with you everything you need to spend a day of relaxation with a cold drink.

5. Beverage cooler with capacity for 120 cans

This refrigerator has all the space you need plus an elegant design with 3 removable shelves and a digital screen. You can hold up to 120 cans in addition to being equipped with a compressor with adjustable temperature control, stainless steel frame and a glass door.

Improve your Lifestyle with this adaptable, versatile, comfortable and flexible mini fridge. You will have security and guarantee to keep your drinks at a pleasant temperature.