Achieve the floral garden you always wanted with these shovels.

If you are a lover of gardening, surely you like to have within reach the best tools for your crops. And it is that having quality and practical instruments, allows you to work in the smallest areas effectively so that you can make your plants grow healthy and look like you have always dreamed of. So if you are looking mini shovels With specific features, be sure to check out these 5 options that are designed to plant flowers easily and quickly.

1. Patio Garden: Set of 5 steel tools

This set of five gardening tools is made with steel sheets anticorrosive and with thermoplastic rubber handles non-slip and resistant to humidity.

Set includes transplanter, trowel, ladder, rake, fork, gloves, and storage bag; all of them, necessary to dig, transplant or weed. Too, they come in bright colors so you can easily locate them on the grass.

2. Gardener: Set of 8 aluminum tools

Set of eight gardening tools made of polished aluminum, durable and rust resistant. Includes garden trowel, pruning shears, cultivator, transplanter, manual rake, and cotton gloves; next to a storage bag made of Oxford 600D fabric that has five external pockets.

Its non-slip handles are designed to fit small and large hands alike, while its light weight prevents blisters while you dig, plant, cut or weed.

3. Kit4Pros: Set of 14 ergonomic pieces

They are 14 pieces for gardening made with anticorrosive alloy and ergonomic, comfortable and light design. It comes with a one liter bottle with bronze nozzle, breathable gloves and storage bag with waterproof fabric. In addition, it includes 5 flying butterfly stakes with wings that open and close.

This set includes the necessary tools so you can cultivate the garden of your dreamss in the most practical way possible, using the rake, cultivator, scissors, transplanter, trowel and weed remover, all perfect for working in outdoor or indoor gardens.

4. BNCHI: 12-Piece Portable Set

It is a set of gardening tools that has twelve pieces made of light and small stainless steel. They come in a plastic box with compartments to store shovels, rakes, scissors, spray bottle, and knife.

They are resistant and multifunctional pieces They are designed in four different sizes so you can use them for different purposes and satisfy all the needs that your home garden presents, loosening the soil, digging, pruning, watering or transplanting.

5. Viston: Tool kit with apron

This set of 10 tools are tough for heavy duty, thanks to their anticorrosive aluminum design with non-slip ergonomic handle. Includes a bag with pockets, a rake, cultivator, trowel, shovel, spray bottle, scissors, and nitrile coated gloves.

It is a practical kit that has an apron with organizer pockets so that you have your tools at your fingertips and remove dirt from your clothes, so that your work in the garden is more pleasant.