A practical accessory to carry everything you need.

A wallet It is an essential accessory that should not be missing inside a woman’s closet, because in it we can store multiple personal items that we will need while we are away from home. There are a variety of designs and colors that can be complemented by our outfits, and the mini wallets they are always a good option when we talk about practicality and comfort. That is why here we show you some options that you can take with you to store the most essential.

1. Mini wallet ideal for phone and cards

This is a wallet made of high quality synthetic fabric. It has pockets inside and two straps so you can wear it in the most comfortable way.

In it you can store the most essential items for your daily life such as your phone, cash and credit cards. Have a simple design It combines very well with any garment.

2. Wallet of crocodile skin

It is a wallet or purse made of crocodile skin. It is equipped with two small adjustable straps, 6 pockets inside, 1 pocket on the outside and a zipper for greater security.

It is very practical for you to take it wherever you want. Its resistant straps and pockets allow you to have everything at hand. It also has a security system that protects your credit cards.

3. Shoulder strap resistant to Water

This is a comfortable and elegant wallet that has been made by hand with high quality nylon fabric. It has a lining inside that protects your personal items from water.

Its different shades allow you to combine it with your favorite outfits and its practical size makes it perfect for you to take it everywhere. Made with very high quality materials, durable and perfect for you to get the most out of it.

4. Compact accessory with colorful design

This wallet has an innovative and fun design to provide a touch different to your everyday look. It has a large number of pockets inside and the brand logo on the front.

Will keep your items protected and organized at all times. It is a portfolio designed for those women who like to set trends and leave a different essence.

5. Mini wallet elegant and simple

Made with a 100% vegan material and with a grainy texture design. It has different pockets inside and polished details on Golden colour that provide a touch of elegance.

An accessory that should not be missing in your closet. Will get you out of any rush no matter the occasion and can also be a great gift for your mom or best friend.