An indispensable tool to have in the bathroom.

Lighting is something very important within the home, especially in the rooms where we do something as delicate as applying makeup. Before leaving home, it is vital to have a flawless appearance so you can make the best impression in any meeting. The mirrors with LED light They are a great tool that allows us to carefully see our face and gives us a more complete perspective of the appearance of our makeup. Take a look at these 5 mirrors with LED light that you can place in your bathroom.

1. Mirror rotary easy to install

This is a double-sided mirror with LED lighting that can be rotated up to 360 degrees. It has an extendable base and its glass gives you an increase of up to 5 times more than a conventional mirror.

You can hang it on your bathroom wall and move it easily to see in detail every area of ​​your face. It is perfect if you want to make fine and delicate details to your makeup everyday.

2. Frame with magnifying glass and USB charger

This is an oversized mirror that has 32 LED lights which can be charged through a USB Cable. This product includes a compact and much higher magnification mirror.

You will easily observe your entire face and achieve the professional results made by yourself. In addition, the compact mirror has the perfect measurements to keep it in your bag and take it with you wherever you go.

3. Folding piece with touch screen

They are 3 folding mirrors, each with a different magnification to be able to contemplate your face from different perspectives. It is equipped with 21 LED lights that are turned on by a touch sensor that even allows you to adjust the brightness intensity.

Each panel of this mirror will allow you to observe specific areas of your face and thus achieve a more uniform makeup. It is super light, so you can move it to other rooms.

4. Modern design with 180 ° rotation

This is a folding mirror with a rose gold finish. It has 3 panels equipped with magnifying glasses, a frame with 21 LED lights and an activation sensor located on the front.

It is a high quality mirror that is totally shock resistant and scratches. It will help you see the imperfections of your makeup so you can leave your house with flawless makeup.

5. Mirror with adjustment temperature

This is a mirror that gives you lighting in warm, cold and neutral tones that you can adjust very easily. Includes a compact magnifying mirror and two sponges makeup with stand.

It has been designed to give you a full support while you make up. The LED lights on this mirror are long-lasting so you can put on makeup quietly, no matter how long you need.