Since we use the cell phone for everything, it is best to use accessories that facilitate its use …

No one can deny that the mobile is a fundamental device in our day to day. We use it for everything and we also always carry it with us. If you want to get the most out of your mobile, we recommend these 5 accessories that will make its use easier and more comfortable for you.

1. Wireless charger Yootech:

Charging via a cable is no longer necessary, wireless chargers like this from Yootech they will make the process much faster. This device is compatible with many different mobile models and you can find it in various colors to suit your personal style. It is a product of small size and easy to use, charging the mobile instantly just by putting it on top.

With a great reputation in AmazonYootech is a brand of accessories that in this product has 73% 5-star reviews and lots of sales. It is undoubtedly a very popular product for its price, ease of use and its compatibility, which means that it can be used by many mobiles in the same space.

2. External battery Anker:

The Anker brand It has a large number of power banks for sale, but this particular model is the one that offers a great relationship between its power and its compact size. It has a charging capacity of 20,100 mAh, which translates to 7 full charges of iPhone and 5 full loads of Samsung, approximately. Due to its small size and low weight, it is a very easy battery to carry everywhere. The product includes a micro usb cable, a protective bag and an 18-month warranty.

This is one of the most purchased portable batteries in Amazon, with more than 15,000 reviews on the page. Customers highlight the long battery life, lasting several days without running out, and its compact size, which makes it an ideal product to carry in a pocket, backpack or purse.

3. Bluetooth headphones wireless by Tozo:

With bluetooth 5.0 technology, these headphones They offer high-quality stereo sound and also have a built-in microphone, ideal for making calls or recording voice memos. Its comfortable case allows you to charge them with cable or wirelessly, and its battery can last up to 3.5 hours of continuous use. They are very simple to use, connecting quickly to a wide variety of devices, have an ergonomic design and are waterproof.

Without a doubt, wireless headphones are on trend this year, making life easier for those who wear them while walking, doing sports or simply to always be connected. To follow the trend with a quality option, these headphones present a great alternative, being able to connect to any device with bluetooth and that includes several rubber protectors to fit the size of your ear.

4. Support for dash or car window – iOttie:

This accessory is ideal for people who use the map or music from their mobile phone in the car, it is a support that can be attached to the dashboard or any of the vehicle’s windows. Thanks to its easy touch mechanism, it allows the suction cup to be closed or opened with one hand, making this clamping system much stronger. It has a telescopic arm that allows movement in an arc of rotation of 225 ° and the mobile’s support base contains lateral and lower supports, guaranteeing maximum security.

At Amazon, it’s one of best selling car mounts, and the first on the Amazon Launchpad Wireless Accessories list for its versatility, quality and security. More than 3,200 reviews give a score of 4.1 stars, marking a great value for the product. In addition to being able to use it in the car, you can install it in the kitchen, bathroom or desk to watch videos or follow tutorials, for example.

5. Selfie stick and tripod by Erligpowht:

This is not an ordinary selfie stick, instead it transforms into a tripod and has a wireless control that is stored on the same device so as not to lose it. A very flexible accessory, with modern details such as the control that allows you to operate the camera and a mirror on the back to be able to look when using the rear camera. In addition, the mobile support is highly adjustable to suit each model and allows rotation in a 225 ° arc. It is compatible with most models of bluetooth mobiles and has a lifetime warranty.

Definitely is an accessory that I consider essential for group photos, individual photos and also to give greater functionality to the mobile. The selfie stick or tripod options allow you to take group photos with a better result and are also useful when you are alone and you have no one to ask for a photo. On the other hand, in your home you can use the tripod function to make video calls or watch a video more comfortably. Its compact size also stands out, allowing you to take it everywhere with you.