Skin care is not only done at home.

The skin of our hands It is one of the thinnest and most delicate of our bodies, making it one of the first to show the signs of aging. To keep our hands beautiful and young it is not only necessary to have a nice manicure; it is also important to give the skin a hydration and nutrition suitable to delay aging and be able to look healthy at all times. That is why this time we recommend some options of hydrating creams that you can have in your wallet and thus give your hands proper care whenever and wherever you are.

1. Anti-aging cream for dry skin

This hand cream has been made for treat dry and cracked skin. Its composition is of shea and beeswax that hydrates, repairs and diminishes the appearance of fine lines.

With this formula you can enjoy some soft and flexible hands protected from agents such as weather and pollution, delaying aging.

2. Handcream with shea butter

L´Occitane hand cream has been created with shea butter, honey, almond extracts and coconut oil mixed to give your hands extra softness. With this cream you protect, nourish and hydrate your hands.

You can apply the cream how many times a day do you want and you will have your soft hands without oily traces counteracting the dryness that the weather and other agents generate.

3. Hand cream from Pangea Organics

This cream has been created with aloe vera that softens your skin and gives it a uniform appearance that hydrates and rejuvenates the area. Have antibacterial properties so it also provides cleaning and hygiene.

Its cardamom essential oils help improve circulation, lavender calms redness and inflammation of the skin and calendula helps heal skin. cracked and even skin the tone of your skin.

4. Daily moisturizer for hands of Eucerin

Created to hydrate dry skin, this cream protect your hands from ultraviolet rays and prevents sunburn and its harmful effects. It has no perfumes or parabens.

This cream not only protects your hands but also the skin of the face and you can use it daily to have a smooth skin preventing aging.

5. Handcream with lemon and sage

Created as a powerful moisturizer, this cream absorbs fast instantly and leaves your hands soft and hydrated. It is made with Shea butter, Pro Vitamin B5 and other soothing ingredients to combat dryness and revitalize the superficial cells of the skin.

With this cream you will be able to show off a ultra soft skin no lines or cracks. You prevent the aging of your hands and give them a renewed appearance.