The dish drainers They are an indispensable element that although it may not seem like it can make your work in your kitchen easier, since they ensure that the counter and the floor do not get wet; They will prevent mold and bacteria growth, save drying time, and keep space organized. So if you are looking for a good drainer you must take into account its resistance, its storage capacity, drainage, comfort and of course, that it has a design that provides warmth and style, such as the options that we show you below:

1. Dish drainer with U-frame

It is a dish drainer made of stainless steel that has a stable U-shaped structure combined with some legs with suction cups that support up to 80 pounds of weight. It has dimensions of 21 by 25 inches.

This design offers a wide drainage capacity, all thanks to its compartments divided into different sizes and multipurpose supports that manage to adapt to different kitchen items.

2. Dish drainer three in one

It is a dish rack that is made with stainless steel material to prevent any type of corrosion or deterioration due to humidity. It has a U-shaped frame with suction cup feet that support 60 pounds of weight. Its dimensions are 33 inches long, 13 wide and 23 high.

It is a versatile piece that includes a three-in-one basket that works as a knife holder, for cutlery and cutting board. Too has five adjustable hooks, which you can have according to your preferences.

3. Dish drainer with adjustable height

It is a stainless steel dish rack with four non-slip rubberized feet that protect the worktop and guarantee stability. You can adjust its height from 34 to 37 inches depending on the size of the sink.

Furthermore, it is a multifunctional model with double grooves that you can adapt to the size of dishes, cups and kitchen utensils to facilitate drying and prevent bacteria from spreading.

4. Dish drainer with two levels

It is a dish drainer that has a resistant stainless steel structure distributed on two levels with four shelves and eight multipurpose hooks. It is available in two sizes, a large 33 by 32 inch and a medium 25 by 32 inch.

It is an easy to use design; Just place it over the sink to help dishes dry in an organized manner and ensure the countertop and floor stay dry. Similarly, it is the ideal solution for you to save space and organize your kitchen utensils according to your preference.

5. Dish drainer with adjustable length

This dish rack has a polished stainless steel surface with four legs that hold up to 50 lbs. Its design has two levels with separate compartments, which you can adjust in a length between 37 to 39 inches.

It also has removable S-shaped hooks that allow you to personalize and organize your kitchen by hanging spoons, spatulas and cloths. All this together with his non-slip rubber base that keeps it stable and protects the surfaces so that your kitchen utensils do not suffer accidents.