When our skin is affected by harmful external agents such as temperature or contamination, it causes irritation or redness, causing annoying symptoms such as itching, pain and dryness. To be able to control it, it is necessary to go to a dermatologist and use creams that help reduce annoying symptoms. And thinking of helping you cure this problem once and for all, here we recommend some of the best options for creams with natural components that offer you a skin healthy, even and irritation-free.

1. Cream with natural formula to relieve itching

It is a topical lotion cream designed to relieve itching and hydrate dry, cracked and flaky skin. Its formula contains anti inflammatory components drawn from nature, like vitamins, minerals and amino acids.

It will help you rejuvenate and create a natural barrier to repair skin damaged, without leaving a greasy feeling. It can be applied to the face, body, hands, feet and even the scalp

2. Wild Naturals: Cream for balance the pH

It is a cream that is composed of manuka honey, aloe vera, shea butter, coconut oil and hemp oil. His formula quickly absorbed into the footl, so it will not leave greasy residues.

When applied it will work to soften, nourish, heal, hydrate and protect the skin. It is ideal for those people who have serious skin diseases such as eczema, psoriasis and atopic dermatitis.

3. Cream with probiotics for dry skin paraben free

Contains urea, hyaluronic acid, active yogurt probiotics, rose oil and bisabolol. Clinically tested, it is a cream that contains the necessary ingredients and nutrients to stimulate cellular respiration and improve overall skin health.

It can be applied to any area of ​​the skin and is even child safe. It will help seal in moisture and repair the barrier of damaged skin for long-lasting relief. So you have shiny skin and can have a more relaxed life.

4. Cream for eczema treatment

It is a cream clinically approved by dermatologists. It works to soothe the skin with eczema and reduce redness. Its formula is free of steroids and fragrances.

We recommend applying it for a week for best results. It will keep your hydrated and soft skin at all times.

5. Cream for hydrate, repair and protect the skin

This cream provides immediate relief and hydration for dry skin, because they contribute to replenish and strengthen the moisture barrier natural skin. Its formula has been created with scientific technology that stimulates the regenerative process of skin cells, micro circulation and oxygenation.

It helps your skin look healthier and rejuvenated, because increases elasticity, thickness and texture. It works for tattoo care and contributes to the healing process.