Fill your home with clean and positive energy.

There are objects that tend to retain energy the environment or the people around them, and this applies not only for jewelry or figures, but also for a space in the home and even the home itself. That is why it is always good to have purifying objectslike the Crystal Balls natural that we show you below, with which you can purify the energies of your environment and thus enjoy a space balanced and positive.

1. Natural citrine ball healing

Made of 100% natural citrine, the crystal ball is placed on a wood support and it has a diameter of approximately 40 mm.

You can use it as a healing stone, to attract positive energy, to practice reiki and meditation, as well as to achieve peace of mind.

2. Crystal quartz ball to relieve depression

With a diameter of 78mm, the crystal ball made in natural quartz It has a sturdy wooden support.

She is good at relieve pressure and depression you have, as well as an excellent tool to focus on meditation and chakra practices.

3. Crystal Ball Set of the chakras

The crystal ball set features 100% natural crystals yellow calcite, black obsidian, rose quartz, crystal quartz, green aventurine, amethyst and red agate beads. They come with a seven-star plate holder.

Excellent for Feng shui, meditation, crystal healing, reiki, spiritual practice and their respective rituals, is also good for divination and decorating your home.

4. Rose Quartz Crystal Ball for love and joy

100% natural rose quartz. The crystal ball is on a wooden support and has an approximate size of 2.35 ″.

With it you can focus on meditation, contemplation and chakra practices. It is also a great way to get rid of negative energy and attract positive energy like inspiration, love, joy and pleasure.

5. Amethyst crystal sphere for meditation

This crystal ball with wooden support features a amethyst quartz 100% natural and measures about 45 mm in diameter.

For fortune telling, Feng shui, meditation, crystal healing, grounding, chakra balance, massage, home decoration and many other applications.