5 natural remedies to keep your pet healthy at any age

Be sure to visit your vet and you can complement your pet’s treatments with natural remedies.

Taking care of our pets is essential. These cares can be very expensive and if we think about them they can have a healthy life without us having to ruin our pocket. On many occasions we have products or ingredients that are part of our daily life, such as:

1. Honey: Helps control cough, belly inflammation, and remedies allergies.

2. Coconut Oil: If you put it on the dog’s hair it will look brighter and healthier. Also if you mix coconut oil in your food this helps in digestion.

3. Yogurt: Thanks to its probiotics, it helps the intestinal flora and takes care of digestive health.

4. Oats: Great source of fiber avoiding constipation and keeping cholesterol levels low. It also improves dry skin and removes itching.

5. Butter: Put half a teaspoon of butter in your food this will soften your hair and you can say “Goodbye to tangles and hair balls.”

Here are 5 best products to keep your pets healthy.

1. Earthbath: Oat and Aloe Shampoo and Conditioner Pack.

Eartbath’s oatmeal and aloe vera formula helps heal dry, itchy skin. It also leaves your pet’s hair shiny, soft and luxurious. Your pet will smell fresh and be ready to rest well.

2. Honey: 100% Organic pure.

This honey stimulates the immune system. Provides immediate energy, beneficial enzymes, rich in vitamins and minerals.

3. Coco & Co: Organic pure extra virgin coconut oil.

High quality coconut oil especially for health. Non-greasy offers a silky and super fine texture for quick absorption.

4. Pet Head: Butter soothes dry feet.

Improves weather cracked legs. Simple and easy to use just gently massage your dog’s paws before and after walks. Combine shea butter, oatmeal, jojoba, coconut oil.

5. 365 Yogurt: Quality organic.

Organic sugar-free grade A yogurt, contains 6 live and active cultures. Made with milk from cows not treated with rBGH. A good source of calcium, vitamin D and Proteins.

He begins to supply the remedy in small amounts so that he can better evaluate the results.