Most women love accessories. We have one for every occasion and moment, and we combine them with our day-to-day outfits. The truth is that we can also use them to fill ourselves with energies and good luck. So for lovers of accessories and good energy, here we show you some options of lucky charm necklaces They can accompany you in your daily routine and fill you with luck, prosperity and good vibes.

1. Necklace with mandala and turkish eye

The necklace has a symbol that expresses fortune and health in people. It has a design that has been thought to protect people from bad luck, by means of a mandala with a Turkish eye in the center.

Elaborated in oxidized 925 sterling silver, What makes this necklace perfect for every special occasion you have, while attracting the best vibes for your day to day.

2. 925 silver necklace with lotus flower

This necklace has been designed with a charm of lotus flower, recalling the connection of the human being with nature. Represents purity, beauty and vitality.

It has been created with Sterling silver Nickel and lead free. It is super bright and attractive, and will fill you with good energy throughout the day.

3. Necklace with crystals and zodiac sign

This beautiful gem comes with three charms made with crystals of various colors. It is free of lead, nickel and hypoallergenic, so it does not irritate the skin and does not cause skin rashes.

It can be a beautiful gift for that especial woman that always recharges your days with good energy. The necklace is a nice detail to wear on any occasion.

Good luck necklace with 4-leaf clover


This necklace has been created with Sterling silver hypoallergenic 925. It has a high polished finish that will not allow it to change color or darken.

The charm of this jewel is of a beautiful four Leaf Clover that represents faith, hope, love and luck. It is a multi-purpose charm for good fortune.

5. Multicolor pendant Hamsa

This necklace has been created with 925 silver, and with a size of 13 millimeters. It is a good protection against the evil eye and negative energies.

This various opal necklace bright colors It will be the perfect and favorite complement to your daily outfits, with which you will have a striking accessory and a powerful amulet.