An accessory for your spiritual well-being.

The Sri Yantra it is represented with a geometry of nine interlocking triangles that start from the inside to the outside and represent a masculine and feminine side; the lotus flower with its sixteen petals signifying the fulfillment of wishes and hopes; and a square that is the earth surrounded by worldly emotions and desires. This powerful symbol is engraved on different objects and clothing, but you can also take it with you with one of these necklaces that will make you feel the unity and the link with the universe, and you can use them daily.

1. Necklace stainless steel

It’s a hypoallergenic stainless steel necklace and 24-inch chain that ensures a comfortable fit. It has the Sri Yantra design that you can get in the black or gold shades.

In this piece you can see a set of triangles that are intertwined and surrounded by the lotus flower, which symbolize the union of man and woman with the universe. In addition, it is a bohemian piece that you can complement with any casual outfit.

2. Pendant green quartz

This necklace has a green quartz pendant with a engraving of the Sri Yantra symbol at the top of the circle, which spans 2 inches in diameter. Includes cord that you can adjust from 15 to 24 inches.

It is a very useful amulet because brings spirituality and material wealth, since through its energy you will be able to balance harmony in your relationships and other emotional aspects of your life.

3. Necklace black agate

This pendant is made with a black agate stone of natural origin, which has an engraving in the center of the circle where the Sri Yantra symbol is seen. It also comes with a pendant that Fits 15 to 24 inches.

This necklace represents the lotus piece, a mystical symbol of creativity, good luck and protection. Best of all, it is an amulet option that can help you in meditation and concentration.

4. Necklace laminated pewter

It is a pendant made of double-sided laminated pewter material showing a series of reverse triangles surrounded by a lotus flower. It also has a adjustable drawstring 30 inches long.

This amulet has circles representing life and death, resulting in an indispensable tool for healing the mind and spiritual growth.

5. Necklace reiki stones

It is a pendant of Reiki stones, healing crystals that represent the seven chakras. These are amethyst, lapis lazuli, turquoise, tiger’s eye, green aventurine, amber, and red agate. In addition, it includes a adjustable 24-inch chain.

This necklace represents the Sri Yantra symbol, which is used as a mental protection piece. Its function is to help you cleanse all the negative energies that surround your life, bringing prosperity, peace and harmony.