You no longer have to worry about the slippery floor of your shower.

The non-slip mats for the shower are a simple and effective element to avoid slipping during the bath and thus prevent injuries that can cause a fall, especially in children and grandparents. These rugs have special features that make them safe for the entire family. Take a look at the following options that you can place on your shower floor:

1. Mat for smooth surface

Gorilla Grip has for you its non-slip mat 21-inch square with suction cups that attach to the smooth floor of the shower and prevent it from moving with soap or water. It is designed with holes to prevent water from accumulating under the mat.

The mat is machine washable and easy to maintain. It is made in antibacterial rubber and non-toxic offering safety for the whole family. It is available in 10 translucent colors to match the shower.

2. Non-slip mat with stone design

In brown, black and transparent colors, it is a shower and tub mat designed in the shape of mosaic of small stones offering a different and original style. It measures 16 x 35 inches adapting to any size of shower.

The carpet is made of PVC material with hundreds of suction cups at the bottom that allow it to adhere to the ground. Also the material is antibacterial and antifungal also ensuring the health of the whole family.

3. Live Health: mat with hole for drainage

At 22 inches in size, the Vive Health non-slip shower mat features over 200 suction cups to fix to the surface smooth in the shower avoiding movements that favor accidents while remaining assured in humidity.

The mat has the ideal opening to adapt to the drains of the shower, avoiding puddles of water during the bath. It is made of latex-free rubber and contains antibacterial agents, offering safety in every bathroom.

Round mat anti-slip

SlipX Solutions offers its non-slip mat for showers and tubs made of imported vinyl that adheres to the smooth floor thanks to its hundreds of suction cups. Its design is round and measures 23 inches in diameter.

This mat has the opening to adapt to drainage and ensure the constant flow of water without puddles and avoid accidents. This mat can be machine washed to guarantee its durability for a long time.

5. Mat with patterned designs

Made of PVC material, the anti-slip mat de Merdes is designed with perforations to ensure the constant flow of water and prevent the growth of bacteria and fungi. Underneath, through its 15 x 27.5 inches of surface, it has suction cups that adapt to the ground.

If what you are looking for is dynamism, in this type of rugs you will get nine designs colorful. The anti-slip mat can be washed by hand or machine to guarantee hygiene and safety in your home.

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