A feminine and comfortable garment that you can wear on any occasion.

The clothing that we use in addition to highlighting our personality and mark our style, they help us to highlight attributes and part of our silhouette to always be fabulous. From the ones we use for day to daysuch as those worn on special occasions, blouses they cannot be missing from our wardrobe, and that is why this time we show you some options off shoulders that you can use on any occasion.

1. Scalloped with lace border


This is a beautiful blouse made with a blend of excellent quality fabrics. Its design consists of ruffles, a front tassel tie and a delicate scalloped hem.

Its upper part is loose and fresh. It is perfect to combine with denim shorts, jeans or tight pants. It adapts for your day to day and even for a special outing.

2. Chiffon with Frills


It has been made with a light and breathable material, which makes it very comfortable to wear. Its color can be a little transparent, making it a flirty as well as sexy option.

It is perfect for any occasion, you can use it to go to work, for a casual occasion or a date. You complement it with your favorite necklace, jeans and heels.

3. Blouse Long sleeve


It is a versatile long-sleeved blouse, with flyer design that make this a sexy and charming piece. The texture of its material is very soft and very comfortable on contact with your skin.

With a casual style, you can use it for any occasion. Perfectly matches with skinny jean pants, a good pair of heels and even with your favorite boots.

4. Loose blouse of Transparent lace


This delicate, youthful and fresh blouse is made with a high quality lace fabric, soft to the touch and elegant in style. Its loose fit makes it very flattering for the silhouette.

You can take it throughout the year and for any occasion. Its design allows you to combine it with jeans, tight pants or shorts and makes you look pretty and fashionable.

5. Stamped with Knot at the waist


It is a loose fit blouse that can cover all body shapes, while still being sexy and elegant. Its front part is finished with a tie knot at the waist.

The length of his sleeve is three-quarters, suitable for all seasons and easy to combine with any garment in your wardrobe.