Our skin It is constantly exposed not only to climatic changes or solar rays but also to insect bites such as bees. These bites can be very dangerous, especially for allergy sufferers or those with sensitive skin. That is why this time we will present you a short list of 5 oils that you should have on hand to treat the dreaded ones. bee stings and also from other insects.

1. Antiseptic oil for bee stings

This product provides a immediate relief to the area affected by the sting of the bee. Both pain and swelling decrease considerably after applying it.

Its method of application is simple since you only have to spread the formula on the area of ​​the sting and it will dry in Little time. Ideal for all skin types.

2. Oil stick for insect bites

Made from natural ingredients with a instant effect It relieves pain and swelling caused by the bite of any insect, especially bees.

This product also serves as a lip balm or as soothing antiseptic from superficial cuts, bruises or cracked skin.

3. Analgesic formula to alleviate the pain from bites

It serves as antiseptic formula for bee stings that helps decrease discomfort and swelling in the affected area.

This spray provides a cold feeling on damaged skin, in addition to working as a powerful pain reliever from the first application.

4. Treatment in balm for bites

Bar formula made with ingredients natural and organic They provide relief from the severe pain of bee stings.

Its menthol base offers an immediate cold sensation that calms itching and reduces swelling on the skin.

5. Organic bar for after bites

Serves as a pain reliever for Intense pain caused by bee stings. It is also responsible for cleaning the wound and reducing swelling.

A product that is easy to apply, it only requires a little of the product on the area affected by the sting of the bee. Offers a sense of relief in question of seconds.