The hands They are one of the parts of the body that is exposed to UV rays, changes in temperature, toxins, germs, bacteria, and is always in contact with different surfaces. This is why we must always be taking care of them because over time they lose vitality. And so you can always keep them cared for and with the better wetting and smoothness, here we show you some options hydrating creams that you can carry in your wallet always with you.

1. Pack of 2 creams for hydrate your hands

There are 2 products that come in a presentation little 3.5 oz. These are moisturizing creams that contain natural colloidal oatmeal and are completely fragrance and alcohol free.

It will help hydrate your hands for 24 hours and even continue to protect them after Wash your hands. When applied, it will help alleviate the dryness of your hands, leaving it softer and with a better appearance.

2. Moisturizing and paraben free scrub

This cream approved by dermatologists professionals has been specially created to restore vitality to your hands. Its natural formula contains baobab oil, watermelon seed oil, pumpkin oil and green tea extract.

Protects, moisturizes and gently exfoliates the skin of your hands. Quickly absorbed through the skin and does not leave greasy feeling.

3. Cream rich in vitamins A, C and E

This is a cream made by the Yes To company that has won the Allure 2016 award. Its oil-based formula virgin coconut reinforced with extracts of passion fruit, shea butter, avocado oil and grapefruit.

It is an incredible cream that you can apply to your hands and nails to make them feel softer and will leave an incredible aroma. Its small container will allow you to carry it everywhere in your wallet.

4. Set of 8 creams scented

They are made with organic shea butter, sunflower seeds and jojoba oil. Each of these creams have different fragrances that you can apply depending on your mood.

Its components deeply hydrate your hands leaving an incredible aroma. It comes in a small presentation that you can take to everywhere.

5. Cream to prevent aging

This cream contains minerals extracted from Dead Sea. It has a light texture that allows it to be quickly absorbed by your skin. It comes in a presentation of 3 creams with 3.4 oz each.

Each of its components when applied to your skin will protect and hydrate it. It will also remove all toxins that make your hands not dry out no matter how long they are exposed to sunlight.