The latest in Samsung brand devices at exclusive Christmas prices.

Give a gift in Christmas It is a way of expressing to your loved ones and loved ones how important they are and how much you appreciate their company. It is for this reason that it is so important to choose that perfect gift for each person, taking into account their needs, tastes and preferences. In this opportunity we share 5 excellent options for brand products Samsung at excellent prices so you can give this Christmas.

1. Flat series television Smart Tv 2019

This beautiful brand TV Samsung It has a powerful 4K UHD processor that gives it high performance and next-generation resolution. The sharpness of its colors allow you to enjoy a vibrant and realistic image. It comes with a universal guide to get the most out of your programming.

An excellent Christmas gift for that loved one who loves to enjoy the best shows, series and films from the comfort of your home. It is compatible with the Alexa virtual assistant and Google Assistant. Its elegant and modern design goes very well with any type of decoration.

Smartphone 32GB Galaxy A20

It is a beautiful and luxurious phone that has an internal memory of 32GB and 3GB of Ram, this gives you a lot of space to store a large number of photos and videos in high resolution and at a very good quality. It comes with a 512 GB micro SD card.

Whoever receives this gift at Christmas will have the latest in their hands smart phone It has the ability to take excellent quality photos thanks to its 13MP camera and 8MP front camera.

3. Galaxy watch with smart technology

The Galaxy Watch Active 2 is a device that has an advanced sensor that keeps you informed of your physical activity and all your daily tasks. It is comfortable, elegant and light to use anywhere and adapts to any occasion. Its sturdy casing is made of stainless steel.

Among its main functions is to register the heart rate, the hours of sleep and even has the ability to monitor the stress level presented by its user.

4. Samsung Galaxy Tablet S6

It is a latest generation tablet that also works as a laptop due to its integrated accessories. Use the system Android and it has a built-in touchpad. You can multitask thanks to the processing speed you have. It is light weight and easy to load, allowing you to work even up to 15 continuous hours.

This device is the ideal gift for that person who needs to stay connected throughout the day. A great detail equipped with high technology that will make this Christmas a more special moment.

5. Samsung phone S10 unlocked

This smartphone has a very good resolution touch screen and a professional quality camera with wireless PowerShare. It is equipped with an identifier with fingerprint ultrasonic which makes it much safer.

It is one of the ideal gifts that you can give this Christmas at an affordable price and so whoever receives it can be release with you and all your loved ones thanks to the technology available in this mobile.