Enjoy a totally new kitchen made by you.

The kitchen it is one of the most important places and the one most used in a house; since we are talking about a space where the different recipes with which we plan to surprise our family are made. It is normal for tiles, furniture and floors to deteriorate more quickly than other areas of the house and this is a reason for those who think about renovate the kitchen with the latest appliances, marble or new wood cabinets.

The problem is that the moment you start with the reforms, a lot of doubts about the distribution of furniture, the materials to use, the colors that the kitchen will take and on the cost that it can generate. This happens because it is generally sought to give change radical removing the floor completely, changing the counter or painting the walls with a different color.

And there is no doubt that it is the place that causes the most headaches and usually requires the most expensive renovations. That is why it is very common that many tend to be scared just by thinking about breaking floors, removing ceramics or replacing doors. However, this no longer has to be a problem; if you have the tools and the right knowledge it is possible to make significant changes within any room without spending a lot money.

Just enough to do a few touch-ups to the tiles to change the color and create contrast with the new appliances, add a little love to the walls and cabinet doors with a few decorative objects and cover the floor with rugs so you don’t see yourself in the need to completely remove it. You should never doubt how much you can do when buying the right accessories, as these can create a totally different environment if they are placed in the right place.

These are all reasons why you shouldn’t hold back from changing the look of your kitchen just for having a tight budget; but you must keep in mind what you really need to make the room look like new. So it is important that you take into account some of these 5 simple ideas that will not affect your pockets. All you have to do is ask your family and friends for advice so they can give you the go-ahead and that way you can also save some time.

1. Tap stainless steel

With a stainless steel faucet and nickel finish for added strength, the faucet features a ceramic valve allowing you to rotate up to 360 ° so you can wash dishes or food with much more comfort. Its classic design features a shower-style water fall and allows you to control the water temperature with ease. In addition, it is an easily installed piece that has a lever and an adaptation that allows it to occupy up to 3 sinks, leaving enough space for your belongings.

Although you have many possibilities to choose, it is recommended that you select a faucet that matches your appliances and thus create a space for harmony throughout the room. And you will be surprised by the drastic changes that a new faucet can bring you in the kitchen.

2. Wallpaper paper anti-slip

It is a non-slip paper roll made of durable materials and easy to clean With adhesive coatings, this makes the job of putting it on easier. Each roll has dimensions of 12 by 10 inches that you can get in different designs and colors, and so you can choose the one that best suits that sophisticated and modern design you are looking for in your new kitchen.

If you don’t want to spend money on paintings you can use this slip resistant paper to upholster the walls. These are one of the biggest challenges when it comes to remodeling the kitchen since if you neglect them, they usually accumulate large amounts of dust and grease. Regarding the colors, you should always take into account the predominant tones of the table or counter, this way you will avoid that the new decoration does not clash.

3. Recessed lamp with led light

It is an oil-finished bronze lamp that emits a White light it has a warm power. It has a power of 20 watts and a voltage of 120, this gives it less incandescent lighting than that of other similar products. It is compatible with most regulators and produces no sound when turned on.

Every kitchen must have adequate lighting so that it has that homely touch and we are sure we all like it. These types of elements are usually affected over time; either because they get damaged or start to lose shine. With small changes like this lamp, you can transform your kitchen in a drastic way without having to make a big expense.

4. Set of rugs non-slip

A pair of kitchen rugs that are made with Polypropylene and non-slip latex. They have a short-haired plush design, which gives them a unique absorbent quality and makes them very easy to clean. Each of these pieces will illuminate your kitchen with simple and adaptable designs that will offer comfort and safety to your feet.

Every kitchen should have a carpet just in front of the sink, this way the room will gain a more renewed appearance and much more homelike. Its colors are a good contrast to match the furniture, appliances and walls of your renovated kitchen.

5. Wall clock with cutlery design

Analog wall clock with a unique cutlery design built with the most modern stainless steel which gives it durability, stability and makes it easy to clean. Its exact size is 13 inches, its weight is just 0.5 pounds and it works with AA batteries.

It is an easy accessory to hang on the wall that combines with any type of decoration. The best thing of all is that its theme, related to food, which achieves that the stay gets a more air warm and comforting. A small detail that gives a touch of originality and good taste to the entire room.

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