Planning a wedding is not easy, but it will be much easier with these organizers.

The cost of the services of a wedding planner o Wedding coordinator is a luxury that not all couples can afford, especially if you are thinking of having a great reception or honeymoon. Despite this, planning a wedding is not an easy task, especially when it comes to coordinating the time between the ceremony, the dance, the banquet, the toast, the party, the cut of the cake and the launch of the bouquet. Given the amount of activities, it stands to reason that at any given time there could be more than one mistake.

That something goes wrong or does not happen at the planned moment, is the last thing we want on that great day, because it is not exactly the kind of unforgettable moments that we seek to leave. The key of the matter is to have everything written down, to coordinate the times well, to be clear about what you want, to adjust the budget so as not to overspend; and of course, having everything at hand and having one or two assistants to clarify ideas, make decisions and remain calm.

Once you have defined the activities you must do, now it’s time to divide the tasks by area; starting with the theme of the event, which can be beach, country, classic, modern, fantasy, among others; adjusting it to the ceremony and the banquet. After that, you have to choose the site for the event, which sometimes is the same, and will depend on your tastes or your budget. Once the decision is made, you should contact the catering service, the orchestra or DJ, the pastry shop, the florist, etc.

At this point, you have surely asked yourself the following question: How do I contact all those services? Don’t worry, you just need to access the internet to find the best companies in the sector. Luckily, the same search engine will return your results according to the reputation of each of these services, and also through social networks you can find most of them; In addition, many of these same companies work as a team, thus saving you time and money. So this step is the least of it.

While planning a wedding it’s quite a challenge, a good one organization You can make the difference between success and failure, and having a good planning portfolio is key. That is why with the following options that we are going to recommend, it will be much easier to achieve the wedding of your dreams without dying in the attempt.

1. Wedding organizer with gift signature book

This spring organizer, Hard cover Mint color measures 9 x 11 inches and comes with a gift box, a guest book, four storage pockets, a clip-on marker, planning stickers, business card holders, 9 sections or tabs, and silver-colored pocket folders .

Your undated 18-month calendar, your inspiration boards, its tabs or sections and its listings will allow you to plan your wedding dividing it by area and by activity, in addition you will have a space where you can write down all those ideas that come to mind for each store or website you visit, thus preventing you from going through High any detail.

2. Organizer with step by step system to plan your wedding

The 9 ″ x 9 ″ spring organizing folder brings stickers, photos and images that facilitate planning. It also includes an undated monthly calendar, a variety of listings, budget tools, prayers, and Bible verses that can be used during the ceremony, and finally a beautiful gift box.

With her you can get the budget of each service thanks to its quotation tools, in addition to a lot of space to create vision boards, capture ideas for the wedding dress or bouquet, for the dress of the ladies or the pages, as well as the decoration of the party or cake , and even create a section to write your votes.

3. Wedding planner folder with stickers included

With a total of 80 pages, This wedding planner folder with well illustrated pages measures 9 x 9 inches and has a hard cover whose thick paper is of the highest quality. Includes checklists, guest names list and a series of essential tools to plan the event of your dreams.

It is highly resistant, which will allow you to take it with you to each site without worrying about its wear. You will have in-depth sections, without dates and with a lot of space to capture your ideas, which will allow you to closely monitor the budget of the wedding and honeymoon, as well as the place that each guest will occupy.

4. Customizable organizer folder with pockets and dividers

This wedding organizer folder features a hardcover, pockets, and in-line holder. It has 132 more pages helpful tips for wedding planning, especially everything you need for budgeting.

You will have a countdown calendar 18-month list of 12-month checkpoints to ensure you don’t miss a single detail, memo sections at every interval, and spaces to keep magazine clippings, fabric swatches, photos, and all sorts of images and illustrations together. fill with inspiration.

5. Organizer folder with guest list and tips

The 9 x 9 Inch Wedding Planner Folder it has a hard coverBeautifully illustrated, 80 pages printed on high quality thick paper. Includes a variety of checklists and budget planning and control tools that will cover the bachelorette party, ceremony, party and honeymoon.

In addition to the budget and the checklists, you will have the required stationery for the wedding, provider planner, tips for the bachelorette and bachelor party, for the rehearsal dinner, for seating arrangements at the ceremony and reception and even everything related to the honeymoon.