Forget about back pain after work, thanks to these cushions.

Spending many hours sitting and sometimes with bad postures, it generates strong back pain and in the cervical. It is important to correct the way we sit, align our spine and support us correctly, since these bad habits could trigger more serious illnesses or diseases in our body and bones. A good alternative to this problem is orthopedic cushions like the ones we show you below, which are made of resistant and ergonomically designed materials to relieve pain from the first use.

1. Cushion Memory Foam


It is one of the best memory foam cushions available on the market. It is made with durable memory foam premium quality with a refreshing gel layer on top for comfort.

his Ergonomic design gives you maximum assistance and comfort while reducing pressure on the coccyx, sciatica and other spinal problems associated with long hours in the same position.

2. cushion Orthopedic with coccyx support

his cut out design It takes the pressure off your spine, allows you to sit comfortably while your tailbone hovers over the U-shaped back cutout, avoiding low back pain and discomfort from sitting for a long time.

This cushion gently cradles your glutes, while the structure of ergonomic wedge distributes weight evenly and promotes healthy alignment of your spine.

3. Ergonomic cushion for all types of chair


The design combined with comfort makes this cushion an excellent choice. It is made with a foam of cutting edge memory and a non-slip bottom to keep it in place.

The comfort of this cushion responds to health and guarantees a equitable distribution weight on the entire seat. It is an excellent support to relieve your back pain and support your tailb

4. Seat Orthopedic Memory Foam


It has been ergonomically designed with a cut in u shape, which allows your tailbone to float instead of being compressed against the seat surface that supports the weight of your body.

By promoting a healthy postureProper alignment of the lumbar spine reduces back pain, promotes increased blood flow to the legs, and increased comfort.

5. cushion Ventilated Orthopedic


This seat cushion has the best memory foam and the highest quality infusion of bamboo charcoalSo it not only absorbs the smell from nearby, but also provides a ventilation capacity.

It has been designed to ease the pain lumbar, hip and coccyx. It maintains its shape and contour without compromising your comfort. The stand makes your sitting times much more comfortable.