It is time to sleep It is the most important time of day for many, because the body rests and replenishes energy. Sleeping in a good position guarantees you a more efficient rest and to achieve this there is nothing better than having a Orthopedic pillow. That is why below we show you some of the best options with which you can forget about annoying pains and spend a quiet and relaxed night.

1. Orthopedic pillow with memory foam

This type of pillow has been created with a memory foam interior that adapts to the natural shape of your body. It has a soft removable, hypoallergenic and resistant to Mites.

This pillow is specially designed for bear and align your head, neck, shoulders and back. It will allow you to sleep in different positions without sacrificing your rest.

2. System to align the spine

It is a breathable mesh and polyester pillow. It has been designed in a way of butterfly so that it adapts more efficiently to your head and neck.

Promote the correct alignment of the spine and allows you to adjust it to the height you want. By using it you will avoid the discomfort of waking up with annoying neck and back pain.

3. Anatomic pillow with breathable cover

This orthopedic pillow has been made with memory foam to make it much more comfortable. It has breathing holes and rounded contours of 2 different sizes on both sides.

his hypoallergenic fabric makes it ideal for people suffering from allergies or respiratory diseases. This pillow is special to reduce pressure on the neck, shoulders and back while you sleep.

4. Design to eliminate the points of Pressure

This pillow has an ultra-thin base and a memory foam that allows you to sleep in different positions, always guaranteeing you the best comfort. Available in 3 different sizes.

It will help your muscles relax and eliminate pressure points on your back. Its cover eliminates thermal accumulation as you sleep.

5. Base for massage traction

This pillow has a very modern design that features a breathable cotton fabric, perfect for sleeping comfortably throughout the night. Its material adapts in less than 15 minutes to your body and eliminate stress points.

It will stabilize your neck and head to allow your muscles to relax. It will help you during a recovery surgical and will alleviate all disc problems.