A product that should not be missing in your first aid kit.

Infectious diseases are caused by microorganisms that enter our body and multiply in large quantities, this can cause a large number of problems of the Health. When we have accidents where we scratch part of our skin, it is important to cover that area immediately to protect it from any infectious disease. For that, we recommend these packages of bandages with alcohol that will protect your body from microorganisms.

1. Pack of protectors sterilized with alcohol

They are medium in size, these pads come in a large package that has 400 ballots where the bandages are well sealed. They come sterilized and with alcohol, they do not produce leaks and when placed they will give a good drying on the skin.

When you need to take care of your skin infections For scrapes or small wounds, the most important thing is to treat them immediately to prevent worse damage.

2. Antiseptic pads in presentation of 400 units

Pretreated with alcohol, these pads are super thick to ensure excellent cleanliness and protection over damaged skin. Each pad is treated with alcohol and it comes sealed individually.

They are a tool to remove oils and residues from the skin. A package that has 400 pads of preparation that you can have at home to protect yourself and your family.

3. Bands with isopropyl alcohol

These Dynarex bandages are ideal for treating cuts or superficial wounds. They are bands bathed in sterilized alcohol so you can take care and protect the area of ​​microorganisms. They have 70% isopropyl alcohol and are totally latex free.

They are soft, absorbent pieces and made with non-woven material. Each band is sterilized by gamma rays, this makes them safer than other products to treat lacerations in the skin.

4. Medical wipes antiseptics

These pads come in a box with 100 units of alcohol treated bands isopropyl reason why they are totally antiseptic and recommended by the doctors to use on the skin.

Each bandita has two very thick layers wrapped and impregnated with alcohol to keep away all kinds of bacteria that they can stay in the infected area. They are ideal for people with diabetes or other conditions that slow wound healing.

5. Cloths preparation sterilized with alcohol

Available in a box with 100 unitsThese alcohol wipes are perfect for protecting the skin and even for giving injections. Its design helps prevent infections and heal the wound safely.

The preparation pads have 2 layers, absorbent and saturated with 70% isopropyl alcohol to give a antiseptic injection from the moment it adheres to the skin. Each alcohol pad is individually wrapped and contained in a four-layer wrapper for watertight protection.