Show off the glutes you’ve always wanted without the need for surgery.

Women are always in search of showing off a shocking figure and that makes us feel safe, beautiful and look impressive with every outfit we wear in our day to day. To achieve this, it is recommended to have a good exercise routine and a healthy diet, but sometimes we need immediate effects, so we go to the girdles that they are the best allies for those moments of emergency. And if what you are looking for is to wear some voluptuous buttocks and striking in seconds, you’re girdles they can give it to you.

1. . Seamless panty with lace details

These pantyhose are from high quality and they have been made with elastane, making it soft, comfortable and breathable. It has no seams so it will not be noticed under clothing.

This panty is padded in the buttock area which gives more volume in the area, giving a more curvilinear appearance to your figure, because it also visibly reduces the waist and bulges in the back.

2. Compressor girdle padded

This girdle is super flexible and strong at the same time. It has two inserted pads that allow more volume in the buttocks and a breathable and removable two-layer fabric.

This panty keep your figure steady and instead, it shapes your hip by reinforcing your curves and making them more prominent in a very attractive way.

3. Butt lifter Withouth stitches

This piece has been designed with soft material like nylon, and a comfortable and firm covering that makes it breathable. It has a natural lifting system on the buttocks and hips. Its pads give control to the buttock area.

You can use them on different occasions because adapt to all kinds of clothing, It doesn’t show that you are wearing it and it is very comfortable to wear, making it an excellent option for those days when you want to look sexy.

4. Pads for mold hip

This girdle has been designed without visible seams above clothing and has a system to lift the buttocks by its padded pads.

You can wear them with your shorts or under any type of clothing without fear of being noticed. Women with small hips will be able to take full advantage of this design that shapes and defines the curves of the body.

5. High cut girdle with butt lifter

This super girdle has been designed to treat various areas of the body. It comes in different sizes and colors and thanks to its excellent compressor design, it leaves everything in place to achieve a super sexy figure.

It offers a belly and waist control system, with back support; and for its characteristics allows flexibility and hides sagging skin, reduces the waist and any excess roll.