Every food lover knows that when we have a great feast, there always comes a time when we feel a little squeezed by the pants. This is normal, since when we eat our stomach widens to receive the food we are eating, but it is not always pleasant to feel tight by our clothes. A good alternative for this are the stretch pantsThey provide a modern and perfect style for any occasion, but they will also keep you comfortable at all times, no matter how much you have eaten. Take a look at these options and feel calm to eat all you want without worrying about your clothes.

1. Palazzo pants with wide leg


These stretch pants have a wide leg flared. They are made with high quality fabric that makes them very comfortable and soft to the touch.

They have a colorful print of stripes and colors Plain that looks amazing with any casual outfit. Due to their palazzo cut, they give you a much slimmer and slimmer appearance.

2. Yoga pants soft and baggy

This garment of soft and baggy It is ideal for practicing physical activities such as yoga or simply for your day to day.

Its design gives you great mobility and comfort, and you can combine them with all kinds of blouses or shoes.

3. Wide trousers arabic style

An exclusive and lightweight garment that features a wide legs and adjustable waist. This style is ideal for a weekend outing or to be comfortable at home.

An ideal combination of comfort and style. The tissue soft to the touch It’s made of and the width of the legs allow you to move and stretch more freely, and you’ll never feel tight.

4. Floral print with high waist

A piece made with high quality elastic fabrics that has a classic style of palazzo with wide leg. In turn, it presents an elegant high waist that molds and stylizes the figure.

His high cut gives him support your abdomen area without being too tight, so you can keep your figure slim at all times without feeling uncomfortable.

5. Pants capri style for a casual look

If you want a more casual and informal style, these are perfect for you. They have one elastic waist and baggy legs for maximum comfort.

You can use them both at home and for a casual outing. They will allow you to eat as much as you want without feeling tight or uncomfortable. You can even use them to go to the gym or exercise later.