Show off the sexy and firm buttocks you’ve always wanted.

A slim figure is essential no matter the occasion, and to achieve this many undergo costly treatments, intense exercise routines and very strict diet regimes. One of the desires of many women is to have buttocks lifted to make them feel safer and sexier. And a good way to get them is with a girdle, that’s why this time we show you some girdles panty type so you look firmer buttocks.

1. Delicate design with lace


They are pantyhose that have been made with a lace and have a design that flatten and mold the abdomen and hips area. It also has holes that perfectly fit your buttocks to instantly lift them.

They are perfect to use under any garment since their design makes them practically invisible. They will keep everything in its place and give you that slim and sexy look you love so much.

2. Maximum compression to define all the Body

It has been made with a combination of nylon and spandex, fabrics designed to comfortably fit your body regardless of its shape or size. It is a piece of high quality and without seams that you can use daily.

It is very easy to put on and can be machine washed as many times as you need. With this belt you will see yourself amazing at all times and you will feel much more comfortable and safe.

3. Breathable garment perfect for training

It is made of breathable materials that absorb moisture. It is perfect for you to use in your daily routine since it has been designed so that it does not irritate the skin, this helps you feel more comfortable and safe.

The girdle will help you flatten your abdomen, lift your buttocks and define your waist. This design is available at 5 different colors.

4. Semi-thread girdle half body

It is a semi-thread style panty type girdle that provides total control over the abdomen and legs while lifting the buttocks and giving them a more natural way.

It is an ideal garment to shape your hips and stylize your figure. Its design makes it very comfortable, so you can use it for a long time and you will not will be uncomfortable.

5. Pantyhose with pads padded

This is a very soft, breathable, elastic girdle that is equipped with pads in the buttock area. The garment has buttons to make it easy to place and remove.

Its design will help you look more stylized and will help highlight your curves every time you use it. Its padded pads will increase the size of your glutes.