Forget about blisters and pain when wearing heels.

As the saying goes: “To be beautiful, you have to see stars”, especially when high heel shoes it is about. However, there is no woman who refuses to use them. The good thing is that today there are alternatives that can help us to be comfortable with them, especially if we are going to use them for long periods of time. Heel patches are one of these alternatives and we will show you below:

1. The Healing Universe: Unisex Invisible Patch Pack

The Healing Universe patches are made in silicone gel Premium lightweight high quality, soft and flexible to provide good absorption step by step. They are removable, reusable and highly durable.

With its use you avoid and you free yourself from pain caused by the pressure of the heels. Best of all, they are invisible, so you won’t notice that you are wearing them.

2. Dr. Frederick’s Original: waterproof patches

Dr. Frederick’s Original patches are made in hydraulic sealing gel and they are self-adhesive, they are also latex free. They stick for days and only release their seal once all the moisture has been removed from the blister.

With its use you will be protected from the water, germs, sweat and extra friction, even during the sweatiest walk or dance class.

3. Compeed: padded patches

Compeed patches offer additional padding and greater comfort in areas where shoes exert more friction. They come in medium size.

They offer you a discreet pain relief while sealing and protecting blisters from dirt, water, germs and bacteria.

4. Bodyprox: adjustable patches

Bodyprox patches are made of lightweight fabric Premium quality and silicone material that adapts perfectly to the shape of your heel and your shoes.

The patches provide you support and protection to your heels of pain, blisters and calluses, they also give a camouflage effect to your worn shoes regardless of style. Fit for any shoes you have.

5. Kefee: patches for variety of shoes

Kefee patches are made in durable silica gel, soft with high elasticity and flexibility. Includes 6 pieces of free anti-friction pads that are unisex and can be worn with a variety of shoes.

They offer you pain relief metatarsal and plantar fasciitis pain. They are washable and reusable. Plus, they feature a strong self-adhesive that stays firmly in place for long-lasting comfort.