The quartz crystals used as pendulum They bring with them many benefits, such as physical, mental and spiritual healing; protection, attraction of fortune, purification of energies and much more. This is why when wearing a necklace with a quartz pendulum you can maintain the correct balance between the energies of your mind and body at all times. Take a look at the following options and choose your favorite:

1. Pendulum rose quartz


This pendulum of 100% natural rose quartz, It has a size of 37 x 18 mm, and the chain is 6 inches.

Rose quartz is used for all relationships: sentimental, family, social, etc. It also strengthens the circulatory system and the heart, balances the Heart Chakra located in the chest.

2. Pendulum necklace Amethyst Quartz

Stone quartz 100% natural amethyst, the pendulum has a stainless steel chain. The pendant measures 33 x 8 x 8mm and the chain is 18 inches long.

Amethyst is used to transmute all the negative charge that we have in positive energy, so that if someone has hurt you, you can clean yourself of that energy easier than using another type of pendulum. It also relieves depression.

3. Necklace with smoky quartz pendulum

The pendulum of 100% natural smoky quartz Brown in color it has a length of 1.60 inches.

Smoky quartz is used for protection and healing. On the one hand, it absorbs negative energy, and on the other, it cures you of diseases of the colon, stomach and rectum, and also provides greater protection to the central nervous system. Another use you can give it is to focus on reality.

Pendulum crystal white quartz

White quartz or 100% natural crystal and stainless steel chain, the quartz measures 1,772 ″ x 0.394 ″ and the chain 24 ″ in length.

You can give it many uses, among which the healing, cleansing, divination, meditation and protection.

5. Pendulum necklace tiger eye quartz

The quartz pendulum of 100% natural tiger eye It is 18 ″ long and features a stainless steel chain.

Tiger’s eye quartz is used for healing purposes, especially those that affect your psyche, since it helps you dispel fears, gain confidence in you and make good decisions.