An unmistakable scent that will bring out all your femininity.

The attar of roses It is obtained by distilling the flower petals, and being a natural component it is ideal to be used on the skin without causing allergy reactions of any kind. The smell of roses is a really characteristic essence and widely used for the manufacture of various beauty products, so today we recommend five types of perfumes with this essence that will make your most sensual side shine.

1. Essential oil with rose perfumes

It is an exclusive perfume with fragrance of roses that carries the aroma of natural rose petals and its scent to guarantee a perfume of Long duration. This floral scent captures the beautiful elegance of a blossoming rose.

It comes in a beautiful glass bottle With a round shape so you can rub it on your hands and then apply it to any part of your body easily.

2. Essence for women with rose scent

A delicate and rich perfume with a floral and fresh aroma that allows you to take the particular scent of roses wherever you go. It comes in a square Les Prets container with a spalsh to spray the exact amount of perfume on the skin.

This perfume contains delicate and olfactory notes of orange flowers, roses and the smell of warm woods. If you want it to last longer, the ideal is applique in the areas of the wrists, the chest and behind the ears.

3. Perfume for women Tea rose

Tea Rose is a perfume that has a natural finish With its penetrating aroma distilled from rose petals, these end up creating a warm and romantic atmosphere around you.

By applying this fragrance, you will be projecting an image super romantic and feminine that will surely make you the topic of conversation for any event or outing. It is a long-lasting perfume.

4. Perfume of vanilla and persian rose

A perfume PETA approved since it is made with natural and environmentally friendly ingredients. It is characterized by a mixture of sweet aromas where vanilla, honey and jasmine stand out with some hints of fruit and the Persian rose.

You can use this perfume wherever you go, allowing you to enjoy an essence fresh and nice with a peculiar sweet touch that your special person will surely love.

5. Tabu Rose Eau de perfume spray

Designed with a nice glass bottle of classic design. The embace is transparent white with a rose on its top and a applicator for perfume. It is a warm perfume with aromas of amber, cedar and the essence of roses.

Take this perfume with you for those special moments where you want to leave that divine aroma that remains forever in everyone’s memory. It is ideal for romantic dates, formal events or going out to the night club.