A symbol of positive energy that you can always have with you.

The tree of Life It is a philosophical representation that many people use as a channel of spirituality and energies that are renewed through their own body. Today it has taken root as a symbol related to life and the union between human beings and God. If you love wearing it as an accessory, here we share five types of jewelry that represent it in an original way.

1. Necklace with nacre

A jewel that you will want to take with you everywhere to attract the best energies to your life. It is made with brass material plated in 18 carat white gold and its chain is wide in the center with a pendant with the symbol of the Tree of Life with a mother-of-pearl background.

It is ideal for you to wear at all times as it combines with any style of casual to elegant dress. You can give it to a special person since it includes a nice gift box.

2. Therapeutic piece with pads

A cute necklace that comes with a picture of tree of Life so that you attract all the good vibes to your life. It is a stainless steel necklace made for therapeutic purposes that allow you to obtain the benefits of essential oils.

The chain is totally hypoallergenic which prevents any type of allergic reactions and also makes it very resistant. It is super appropriate to use with any type of look or to give to a special person.

3. Accessory made with genuine silver

A necklace that will definitely give a chic and elegant touch to your outfits. Comes with a silver tone long cut chain that is bathed in 925 silver.

If you are going to give a gift, this attractive and versatile pendant will be a good option since it even comes with an attractive cover of black velvet. The best vibrates and better health is what anyone who wears this jewel will receive.

4. Necklace with pendant tree of Life

This is a unique jewel with a beautiful appearance since it has various colored stones with a high energy charge such as yellow, purple, pink, red and green. It has a silver colored pendant with the symbol of tree of Life 925 silver plated.

This tree of life birthstone necklace with brightly colored stones has everything to make a special gift for your mother, grandmother, mother-in-law, daughter, wife or friend. Transmit the best vibes for you and your loved ones with this jewel made with the most exclusive materials.

5. Amethyst pendant and pink crystal

This necklace is beautiful and delicate, so you can use it with your most elegant outfits. Its chain is long in length and the pendant is round in shape featuring a tree of life decorated with colored stones vibrant like brown, green, blue, purple and white as the centerpiece.

A piece of jewelry that is handmade and promotes health, beauty, good luck and healing. It is a great gift for your best friend or a family member to whom you want to transmit the best vibes.