Have a good diet and work out Every day are important habits that you must carry out to improve your health and stay fit. Exercises pilates They are exercise routines known to help you reach your goal much faster. If you want to do these activities without going to the gym, you are pilates machines They can be a good option to have at home.

1. Compact machine with 3 positions

It is an adjustable resistance machine with 3 positions. Features a steel frame, foot bar and foam padded shoulder pads for added comfort.

It will help you increase flexibility, tone muscles, burn fat and improve heart health. You can make several traditional exercises since its padded platforms will provide you greater comfort.

2. AeroPilates with padded platform

It has a resistance of 4 laces with 11 adjustable intensities. The platform cushion is padded for comfort and proper body alignment.

An effective way to lose weight that tones, strengthens and increases the flexibility your muscles from the comfort of your home.

3. Toning tower extreme

It is a multifunctional machine to exercise at home. It has a high quality steel frame and a luxury wooden bar.

It is light and easy to move. You can create your own routines to tone your arms, legs and abdomen without going to a gym.

4. Home exercise system 3 elevations

A team that replaces 17 exercise machines. It has a carbon frame that can support up to 300 pounds of weight, 3 levels of inclination and 4 cables of alignment.

This machine is ideal for you, no matter what you are beginner or professional since it adapts to your needs and you can achieve incredible results in your muscles in a short time.

5. Premier machine for advanced exercises

It is a machine with which you can make all your pilates workouts. It includes a reformer support that allows you to perform advanced exercises on a broader platform.

You can perform the routines of your preference since the tall ropes they can be easily adjusted. Achieve greater flexibility and tone your muscles in the comfort of your home.