If you are thinking of decorating your room To make it an elegant, modern and comfortable environment, you should not miss the opportunity to have a striking plush rug, which gives it a touch elegant, fun and very flirtatious to any space in your home. Take a look at these models and choose your favorite:

1. Carvapet: Luxury synthetic sheep rug for bedroom


Rug design made of sheepskin synthetic luxury to decorate bedroom floors. It has dimensions of 2 ″ x 35.8 ″.

This model is ideal to use as armchair cover or carpet to decorate your favorite area. Available in different colors, you can choose the one that best suits your style

2. Ojia: Furry mat made of synthetic fabric


Elegant design of doormat Made with synthetic wool in a colorful shade of pink, which offers warmth to any space you want to decorate.

Ideal for decorating all kinds of rooms. Is shaggy carpet Pink in color brings texture and comfort to any space you have in mind.

3. Super Area Rugs: Silky synthetic sheepskin rug


Silky mat model made of synthetic sheepskin. This mat is resistant to stains, in addition to having a non-slip base. Thick material 2 inches long.

If you are looking for a elegant styleAttractive and modern, this rug is ideal for you. You can place it anywhere in the room you want to decorate with great comfort.

4. Noahas: Large oval mat


Colorful and sophisticated made of a mat with a velvet surface and non-slip plastic dots on the back. Likewise, it has an approximate size of 80 ″ x 63 ″.

Is fluffy Carpet stands out in today’s market for its modern appearance that offers warmth and color to any room you have in mind to decorate.

5. Faux fur rug heart shaped


Design of elegant mat made with synthetic sheepskin in classic white color. This model features a nice heart shape.

Flashy shaggy carpet which is ideal for decorating any type of space. Its beautiful heart design offers a romantic and delicate style to your bedroom or living room.