A safe and reliable way to save duplicate keys.

Sometimes we can leave keys of our house forgotten at work, in the gym or even inside the house. So it was very common to leave some emergency keys under the carpet or in a pot, but as the times and the security have changed, we must opt ​​for other more reliable measures. In this sense, we show you some available options of security boxes laptops to keep your keys away from home.

1. Lock Box Storage


This key lock box is made of zinc alloy and strong steel, which can protect the box from hammering, sawing or levering. It has an adjustable combination of 4 dials.

It has Big space storage, it is very easy to install and use, and you can set your favorite numbers as a password.

2. Padlock Key Storage


The numeric safety box hangs easily on any knob, fence, railing, or pipe. Your body has the ability to contain multiple keys and / or cards. It has a rubber bumper that protects the surface.

Its customized and adjustable combination offers you up to 10,000 combinations so you can enjoy optimal security. With this box your keys will be always kept and protected.

3. Box Premium storage

Protect your safe and keys from the weather, as it is designed with a front opening lock system of durable metal construction. Set up a 4-pin combination for maximum security.

Its installation is very easy, you only need a screwdriver because it already includes screws. It offers you a emergency access and stores up to 3 keys so you never lock your home again.

4. Safe box Laptop


Compact design made with premium anti-lever steel and a foam padded interior. Effectively protect all your valuables, especially your house keys.

It is easily transportable for traveling and it small enough as to keep it discreetly. Includes a zinc alloy combination lock for added security.

5. Lock Box For Keys


The inner box with its plastic cover is suitable for indoor use and never rust. It is designed with practical system Front opening lock to protect your keys.

Perfect for storing your spare keys, it has a resettable four-digit combination for maximum security. You may personalize your own access code and it’s easy to change.